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How to find a great rhinoplasty surgeon? Megan fox nose? (Photo)

Okay so i want a nose job to reshape the tip of my nose because it has no definition and looks quite boxy. I'm not saying i want Megan Fox's exact... READ MORE

Postable for a Ethnic Girl(African America) To Get A Megan Fox Nose?

Hi I am 18 and I plan On getting this done During the summer before I start college, I hear that alot of times its the facial structure is this true? READ MORE

Which procedures could help me look like Megan Fox? (Photo)

I figure Megan Fox, has had numerous plastic surgery done. In theory, if I was the blonde shown in the picture, would it be possible to almost achieve... READ MORE

Can my Nose Ever Be Beautiful? (photo)

I hated my nose ever since, my parents don't know what it feels like to have a big nose that is as round as a stupid... I don't know!! I hate it so... READ MORE

Droopy, flat tip with no projection 3 months post Rhinoplasty, will my nose change? (photos)

Hi. I asked for a slight hump removal and thinner bridge but INSISTED that the length and pointy tip remained. I requested a Megan Fox style nose,... READ MORE

I am wondering what kind of work I can get done to have more of a model - like face. Less flaws, more photogenic. Nose job? (pho

I love megan fox's nose and her before nose is similar to mine, can I achieve that ? And also something about my lower half Jaw area bothers me. What... READ MORE

Can I get a nose and jaw like Megan Fox? (Photo)

I was wondering if it was possible for me to get a procedure done to have a nose and jaw shape that megan fox has? if not something really similar??... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty? Huge, flat, undefined, deformed nose (Photo)

Ok this is embarrassing to talk about. But my nose is the first thing I hated about myself, since I was a little girl. Even my family would say my... READ MORE

Where can I find a surgeon to help with bulbous tip? (Photo)

I've been looking around and previously posted a question about how i want a thinner nose like megan fox and more defined, i will post pictures of my... READ MORE

Am I good candidate for a rhinoplasty? (Photos)

I love Megan Fox's nose! Wondering if I am a good candidate to have nose surgery to get a similar nose? I have been told I don't need nose surgery and... READ MORE

What kind of rhinoplasty would you recommend to improve nose? Could I be a candidate for finesse? (photos)

I espec hate my huge & uneven tip and uneven nostrils. The skin on the bridge seems quite thin as you can see cartilage/bone shape, espec on my... READ MORE

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