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I Hit my Nose, Is the Swelling Mean Permanent Damage?

Its been 2 days since a "flying" soccer ball landed straight to my nose with a great force. I didnt bleed, nor was I in pain except for the... READ MORE

Did Getting Hit on the Nose Cause Bump, and What Would the Treatment for It Be?

10 yrs ago at age 18 I was hit on the nose. It didn't bleed but hurt a lot & when I had an xray I was told it wasn't broken. At some point... READ MORE

Bump to Nose After Rhinoplasty. Will it Effect My Final Results?

At 2 weeks post op rhinoplasty I hit my nose with my hand and it didn't hurt much but for the rest of the night I had a slight throbbing on the side I... READ MORE

Did I Damage my Nose After I Hit It Accidentally Post Rhinoplasty?

Six weeks ago I had a Rhinoplasty to remove the bump on top of the bridge, tip graph, and thin overall appearance. I have very thick skin so the... READ MORE

Accidently Hitting my Nose While Sleeping After Rhinoplasty?

Today I was stretching while still being half asleep and I accidently tapped my nose with my hand and it cause pain. It is about to be two weeks after... READ MORE

Will the Slightest Touch Affect my Rhinoplasty Recovery?

I recently had Rhinoplasty (7th Nov) and am very happy with the results. However early this evening, my boyfriend was messing around, and without... READ MORE

Can an Injury Cause a Dorsal Hump to Form on the Nose?

What causes a dorsal hump to form? I am a female and had a very subtle hump on my nose by the time I was 16. At age 26, it is MUCH worse. I have been... READ MORE

How Do I Know If I've Damaged My Nose if it Got Hit After Rhinoplasty Op?

I broke my nose during football and got a huge bump and nasal fracture.had rhinoplasty about 2 and a half weeks ago but friday(2 weeks and 2 days... READ MORE

Got Hit in Nose 10 Days After Surgery Could I Have Done Damage?

Was hit in nose by a friend accidentally 10 days after septo rhinoplasy surgery and i am scared i did damage. it hurt and there was a very tiny bit of... READ MORE

I Hit my Nose 2 Weeks After Rhinoplasty, Could I Have Ruined It?

My nephew threw a little hard robber toy at me, it bumped into my right side of the nose, it Hurt a little, the pain is gone, I put some ice on the... READ MORE

I Got into a Fight 3 Days Ago and my Nose Was Hit Hard Should I Go to the Doctor?

Moderate blood loss when it first happened from nosebleed, my shirt was soaked in blood, I've woken up the past nights with my nose clogged with dried... READ MORE

Can a hard hit in the nose cause a permanent dorsal hump or will it go away by it self?

I got hit on my nose yesterday not extremely hard I didn't bleed or nothing like that but I got hit hard enough for it to look kinda like a dorsal... READ MORE

Nose Hits From Baby. Could These Cause Damage?

I'm 12 wks post op rhino & have been tryin really hard to protect my nose, however I have had a few nudges and taps on my nose due to my 1 yr... READ MORE

Knocked my Cast 4 Days After Rhinoplasty

Hello I had closed rhinoplasty 4 days ago. I woke this morning and knocked the cast where the tip of the nose is. I felt a short burst of pain for... READ MORE

My nose is moving and making a sound..what do you think is wrong?

Yesterday I got slammed really hard on the side of my nose with a soccer ball and it hurt bad enough to cry and go numb. It didn't bleed but now it's... READ MORE

Could I Have Done Damage 6 Weeks Post-Op By Bumping My Nose?

I was looking at something and moved my head too close to a wall. i felt the tip of my nose press against the wall and moved my head back. how will... READ MORE

Nose Got Squished 1 Month After Rhinoplasty - is It Ruined?

One month after my open nose surgery i was babysitting and the kid threw a pillow over my face pulling down on the sides squishing my beautiful new... READ MORE

When I Was 16 I Broke my Nose but Became Really Deformed, Can I Get Surgery to Fix It?

When i was 16 i was punched in the nose, by after the swellings came down my nose was deformed. The side of my nose is now bent and the bridge of my... READ MORE

Did I Damage my Nose After Hitting It 1 Week Post Rhinoplasty?

I had surgery last Wednesday to have my deviated septum fixed, and to also remove the hump from my bridge and narrow the tip of my nose. Today I got... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Fix One Side of a Broken Nose?

I recently got into a fight at a bar and got my nose broken on only the right side, can this be fixed with surgery but only on that side?... Also... READ MORE

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