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Is it Okay to Drink Coffee and Wine a Few Days Post-Op Rhinoplasty

Is it ok to drink coffee 4 days post op of rhinoplasty surgery? Can i have a glass of wine? READ MORE

Smoking/drinking Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I'm having a closed rhinoplasty next Thursday. I gave up smoking this week as recommended by my surgeon. However, as a 18 year old male I like... READ MORE

Surgery scheduled for 11a: can I have some black coffee & water in the morning? Will water really cause a problem hours later?

I am scheduled to have rhinoplasty, a u-lift, lower blepharoplasty and co2 laser at 11a. I am an early riser (5a) and always drink a lot of water.... READ MORE

What should I be eating and drinking after Rhinoplasty. Straw, hot, cold, soft, hard or crunchy?

1st, thanks to all DR.'s taking time out of their busy lives to help those of us who function better with more information, than less, that some of us... READ MORE

Did I Jeopardize the Final Result of my Rhinoplasty by Smoking and Drinking 3 Weeks Post Op?

The first 3 weeks after my rhinoplasty I took it easy. However, after the 3 weeks I was on vacation for a weekend with friends and had a few drinks... READ MORE

8 Weeks Post Op - What Effects Can Heavy Alcohol Consumption Have on Rhinoplasty Results?

Last week I went on a girls holiday, going out partying and drinking quite a bit every night for a week. I probably did not eat properly or drink... READ MORE

Can I drink from a straw after Rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoseptoplasty 5 days ago, and in order not to bump my nose drinking, I'v easily used a straw up to now, but I'v just read that many doctors... READ MORE

Does drinking pineapple juice after rhinoplasty outway the negative if someone has a slight allergy to it?

I've read on many different forums that drinking/eating pineapple drastically helps with swelling after surgery. Unfortunately pineapple irritates my... READ MORE

Cant Smile, Drink with a Straw or Laugh Hard After Rhinoplasty, When Will I Be Able To?

Hi, I had rhinoplasty nearly 7 weeks ago and I am still finding it difficult to smile, talk over expressively, laugh hard and drink through a straw.... READ MORE

When one can drink and party after a nose job?

Hi! Just wondering when one can drink and party after a nose job. By this I mean heavy drinking. READ MORE

Clubbing/ going out and drinking 2 weeks post op?

I am exactly 2 weeks post op from my septorhinoplasty surgery and I was just wondering if it would be okay to go out drinking and possibly to a club.... READ MORE

How soon after rhinoplasty is it ok to start tanning again? And drinking? Is it ok to have a cocktail after 9 days?

How long after rhinoplasty is it ok to start tanning again? And drinking? I don't usually drink except when I have a night out or when I go to parties... READ MORE

Will partying & drinking occasionally 11 months post open rhinoplasty affect final results?

Will an occasional party / beer 11 months post open rhinoplasty affect final surgery results? All the precautions I've been taking over the past 11... READ MORE

I had an open septorhinoplasty Tuesday around 3 and I am in so much pain.

I have been taking my pain meds and the relaxant medication as well as the antibiotics and I cannot stand the pain. Last night I slept for 2 hours and... READ MORE

I have 2 packings in each nostril. When I eat or drink, my ears close with tight pressure. Is that normal?

I had my surgery for septoplasty and rhinoplasty, and have 2 packings in each nostrils. When i eat or drink, my ears close with tight pressure, but... READ MORE

Smoking/drinking/sex after rhinoplasty?

I just finished my rhinoplasty 5 days ago and i need to know when can i go to my normal life without being afraid somethings wrong will happen to my... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty swelling issues. Is this normal? (Photo)

I'm a 3 months and a half post-op. is this normal? i'm a heavy smoker, i drink too! will this swelling subside by fast? thanks READ MORE

Whenever I eat or drink, I feel my nostrils flare and it pulls on the internal stitches just a little. Is this normal?

Had rhinoplasty a few days ago. Whenever i eat or drink i feel my nostrils flare and it pulls on the interal stitches just a little. Is this normal? READ MORE

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