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Dizziness After Rhinoplasty, Is this Normal?

I just had my rhinoplasty 3 days ago. The first 2 days I felt fantastic. The next two days, not so much. I didn't even take any type of pain... READ MORE

Dizziness After Nose Job

I just had a nose job last month & 2weeks after my operation i started getting dizziness along with nausea. the nausea is cured now as i visited a... READ MORE

Headaches and Dizziness 4 Months Post-Op Rhinoplasty, Should I Be Concerned?

I had a rhinoplasty 4 months ago and have occasional headaches and dizziness when walk. I rang surgoens office and secretary said the headaches wont... READ MORE

Any suggestions for clear leakage after Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty a year and half ago and a fix six months ago. I have constantly a runny nose on one side. I don't know what it is and my surgeon I... READ MORE

Nasal Pain and Dizziness One Year After Rhinoplasty

Respected sir, My name is kumar and i had rhinoplasty surgery nearly one year ago. Since then I am having problems with the inside of my right side... READ MORE

I Had my Rhinoplasty 5 Days Ago And I Feel So Dizzy All the Time. Why Does This Happen?

I Had my Rhinoplasty 5 Days Ago , I Feel So Dizzy All the Time ? Why Does This Happen READ MORE

What is the sign of infection nose implant?

What is the sign of infection of the nose implant? Had a L shape silicon implant 3 months ago, now I feel dizzy pain the dorsum or nose and headache.... READ MORE

Very Dizzy & Low Blood Pressure 5 Days Post Rhino?

I am 5 days post rhinoplasty surgery. The first 2-3 days I felt fine but on day 4-5 my blood pressure is low and I'm very light headed and dizzy .... READ MORE

I Feel Very Dizzy After Cleaning my Nose from Rhinoplasty?

I had my my rhinoplasty surgery 2 weeks ago. Today I was cleaning out the blood crust left inside my nose. I did not go deep inside my nose, just a... READ MORE

I Had a Rhinoplasty a Week Ago and Have Been Experiencing Severe Dizziness on and Off. Is This Considered an Emergency?

The procedure included an extensive septoplasty, temporalis graft, tip narrowing and cartilage grafts. I have been experiencing dizziness and... READ MORE

Still Have Nerve Reactions 6 Months Post Rhinoplasty, Is This Normal?

Hello, I finished all my control dates with my surgeon about a month ago as she said things were going exceptionally well in every department of the... READ MORE

Is it too early to remove the cast?

Hey, I had a closed septorhinoplasty done last sunday. The swelling since then has improved, and I can pretty much say that I am back to my normal... READ MORE

I just had a septo/rhinoplasty procedure done approximately 2 weeks ago, are these normal symptoms?

I seem to be suffering from severe dizziness and feels almost like a weight on my nose when I try to lay on my right side? is this normal? is the... READ MORE

7 months post op, Rhino caused breathing problems. Now experiencing sinus pressure, headaches, and dizziness. Is it related?

I had a primary rhino 7 months ago that left my once straight bridge crooked and one side of my nose difficult to breathe out of. I now also... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty with Scopolamine patch. I'm now constantly dizzy/suffering from vertigo. Could it be withdrawal?

I am at day 6 post op from a rhinoplasty and the last several days I've had horrible dizziness and can barely pay any attention to my nose. I am not... READ MORE

Can Dizziness be related to Rhinoplasty

8 week post Rhinoplasty and experiencing serve Dizziness, my GP has prescribed Sinus Congestion spray as he thinks sinus are blocked after surgery... READ MORE

Dizziness after turbinate reduction and septo-rhinoplasty

I had septo-rhinoplasty with turbinate reduction five days ago and I'm a little concerned that I keep getting dizzy episodes, especially during the... READ MORE

The ENT doctor put in a bone graft to fill in the side wall of my nose . It's been 3 months and I feel the graft moving.

I feel dizzy and noxious thru out the day . what if they have to take out the graft how would they keep my nose up??? Also if they keep it in are they... READ MORE

Dizziness, fatigue & discomfort after Rhinoplasty of the tip. Any suggestions?

A surgeon removed an implant and lowered my nasal tip off my bridge. He did not break bones, but this was months ago, & the headaches & dizziness have... READ MORE

Do you think I might have a nose valve collapse and need a rhinoplasty?

I had trauma to the nose a couple of years ago.I have bump in the left side of my nose and I have difficulty breathing from that nostril. I was told... READ MORE

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