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Does Crying After Surgery Affect Rhinoplasty Results ?

I had my rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago and it went great. The swelling was minimal. However,this week I learned about a family tragedy & I was crying... READ MORE

Crying After Rhinoplasty

My boyfriend made me cry right after I got home from my rhinoplasty. How will this affect my outcome and what can I do to minimize damage? READ MORE

Can Crying a Few Hours After Rhinoplasty Affect, Change or Ruin the Results?

Can Crying a Few Hours After Rhinoplasty Affect, Change or Ruin the Results? READ MORE

Is it possible to cause damage my nose by yelling and crying 4 days post op Rhinoplasty?

I am 4 days post op froom a septorhinoplasty and just got in a screaming match. It lasted 5 minutes, but I did yell, get upset, get my heart rate up... READ MORE

9 days post-op and I keep crying. Is this normal? Will it effect the outcome?

I unfortunately don't have the best support system, plus I seem to be a tad bit more emotional since my rhinoplasty. I'm 9 days post up and had a... READ MORE

Is this level of depression normal after rhinoplasty, and is my nose ever going to look good again? (Photo)

I'm 2 weeks 3 days post op. I'm so depressed. I haven't been able to stop crying for days and I don't see it stopping. I feel like I've ruined myself... READ MORE

Crying/touching cast day after rhinoplasty and septoplasty, damage?

A family event caused me to cry for a minute the day after my surgery. I instinctively reached to touch my nose to wipe away and touched my cast. Will... READ MORE

One month after rhinoplasty. Can crying a lot and hard cause more swelling to the nose?

I got my surgery July 30th. There isn't a lot of swelling but it's still there. I had my phone near my face and my sister hit my phone with her elbow... READ MORE

Too Emotional. Damaged Nose 4 Days Post Septoasty?

Hello... I had septoplasty with turbinate reduction 4 days ago. I do not regret the surgery but I am highly reactive and very emotional about things.... READ MORE

11days post op - Crease of nostril bleeding after crying- should I be worried? (photo)

I'm 11 days post op and found out some bad news and cried for ~ 2 hours. After I saw the crease of my left nostril where my outer stitches were is... READ MORE

Does laughing or crying affect Rhinoplasty?

Hi,it's been the third day after my open rhinoplasty and I've been switching moods I cried and I also laughed hard that I felt my nose bridge expand... READ MORE

Can crying 9 months after rhinoplasty affect the final healing phase and outcome?

Hello Drs, I have been crying a lot lately due to depression. This has caused temporary increased redness and swelling which . Can frequent crying... READ MORE

3 weeks ago post-op for bump removal and to narrow nose: I now look like miss piggy front profile. (photos)

Please doctors! Will I stay looking like miss piggy forever? I hate my front profile. I wanted the bump on my nose removed and my nose bit more... READ MORE

Is this a possible botched rhinoplasty? (Photos)

I have been insecure/bullied about my nose for as long as I can remember. I am from the U.S, 22, and of middle eastern descent (Persian) and do not... READ MORE

Will crying after septorhinoplasty affect the final result?

On days 2, 3 and 4 after septorhinoplasty I cried for just a minute each day with a couple of tears. I didn't touch my nose, but will the final shape... READ MORE

Uneven nostrils 1 1/2 months post-op open rhinoplasty. (photos)

Please help me i'm getting more and more depressed. My nostrils aren't getting any better and the tip isn't even on both sides, making the nostrils... READ MORE

Anything I can do to remove my excessively bulbous tip? When I cry, it becomes excessively larger. What can I do? (Photo)

My ethnic background is African and I'm looking for a surgeon who specialises in that area at an affordable price as I am 18. I've always wanted a... READ MORE

Does crying post Rhinoplasty affect the final result?

I'm almost 2 months post rhinoplasty and just when I thought my nose looks better and slimmer, I had an incident where I was crying a lot and blowing... READ MORE

9 months post op, my nose vibrates when I cry. Can feel scar along incision made internally in nose. Is this normal?

9 months post op deviated septum, hump on bridge of nose shaved, and radio frequency to shrink turbinates. When ever I cry my nose still vibrates, its... READ MORE

Crying a lot after rhinoplasty, would it damage or affect the result?

Yesterday I was crying a lot and my nose was all stuffy and running and I was squeezing it with a tissue and gently blowing in and out. My nose is a... READ MORE

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