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Can Nasal Tip Be Touched Up with Local Anesthesia?

I recently underwent a revision rhinoplasty. Despite the revision, the lower left side of my nasal tip continues to point to the left. A cartilage... READ MORE

Is Retouching Your Nose After a Rhinoplasty Cheaper with Same Surgeon but Expensive with Others? (photo)

I got a nose job, and I am not in love with my new nose.. So I want to do a nose retouch with the surgeon who did it and should be way cheaper than... READ MORE

Is Mild Nostril Asymmetry Easily Fixable?

I had a rhinoplasty one month ago. Exactly five days post op, I accidentally removed a dissolvable stitch from my nose. My doctor said this is the... READ MORE

What happens if the nose still doesn't look right after the revision touch up? (photos)

I got my first rhinoplasty 13 months ago. After 8 months got a second rhinoplasty/touch up cost free (other than anesthesia).The reason was that the... READ MORE

How Common is It for Your Surgeon to Need to Do a Touch-up Procedure and Can They Be Done with a Closed Approach?

My ps may need to trim or remove an underlay graft made out of septal cartilage.It's caused my right tip cartilage to push against my skin & it... READ MORE

Would Revision Rhinoplasty Be Easier if I Stick to the Same Surgeon?

I am thinking of having a revision rhinoplasty, and I liked the first result but wish to have some minor touch ups done. Should I stick to the same... READ MORE

Can I consider a minor touch up revision after 5 months post Rhinoplasty? (photos)

My concerns are: hanging columella, slight poly beak, dropping nose tip especially when smiling, wide tip still, uneven large nostrils. I had open... READ MORE

Hard white crust in nostril after touch up? What could this be?

I had a small touch up 9 days ago to correct a bone irregularity. My surgeon made the revision through my right nostril. Before this surgery, I used... READ MORE

Post-rhinoplasty 'touch-up' procedure - how long will the swelling last this time? (Photos)

I had open rhinoplasty about 11 months ago. I am having a closed touch-up procedure done in two weeks, which is meant to correct the tip of my nose... READ MORE

Asking doctor for touch up as my nostrils are still too big. Is he likely to fix this for free, or at a reduced price?

I recently had a revision rhinoplasty and it was very expensive. I paid roughly 25,000. The result is great but I really wanted my nostrils to have... READ MORE

My surgeon wants to perform a revision as my nose looks larger after my primary but I am worried any suggestions? (Photos)

I've had a rhinoplasty to make my nose shorter 6 months ago. Now my nose is now a bit shorter but larger. The surgeon recognizes he can do a touch up... READ MORE

Do plastic surgeons tend to lean towards touch up rhinoplasties even when full revisions are required?

It seems my ps is dead set on doing a touch up revision, dealing with only a small portion of the problems he caused in my primary, when in actuality,... READ MORE

Is it okay to express concerns that still exist after revision with the same surgeon?

After a rhinoplasty to remove a dorsal hump, I had a touch-up to rasp down a bony irregularity. Unfortunately, the bones are still asymmetric and I'm... READ MORE

Teeth no longer showing after secondary rhinoplasty and asymmetrical nostrils. What to do? (photos)

Hi,had revision rhinoplasty+chin reduction 3months&a half ago.Since,I have no problem with chin result,however I have now absolutely no upper teeth... READ MORE

Bilateral turbinoplasty: improvement but not relief Can I have a 2nd turbinate reduction for more improvement?

I had a deviated septum causing turbinate hypertrophy. My right side was always the worst. I had septo/turbinoplasty and found much improvement but... READ MORE

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