Is Retouching Your Nose After a Rhinoplasty Cheaper with Same Surgeon but Expensive with Others? (photo)

I got a nose job, and I am not in love with my new nose.. So I want to do a nose retouch with the surgeon who did it and should be way cheaper than the first one. My friend did 3 nose jobs with same doctor and at last she paid only $300.I am thinking of get nose with another surgeon. But I am afraid that surgeons will charge way more because they consider it revision.I though it was common for people to do multiple nose jobs till they get tire. Unless nose was destroy than it should be revision

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The cost associated with revision rhinoplasty will typically be lower with the same surgeon.

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In general, the cost associated with a revision rhinoplasty with the same surgeon that performed your primary surgery will be much, much lower than consulting with another surgeon.  This is because your nose is basically a billboard for whoever operated on your nose.  No surgeon wants an unhappy patient with an unattractive nose advertising her/his work.  For that reasons most surgeons, when they see there is something entirely correctable, will perform the revision surgery for a much lower rate than had they encountered the same issue on some other surgeon's patient.  

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Is Retouching Your Nose After a Rhinoplasty Cheaper with Same Surgeon but Expensive with Others?

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A revision procedure with your original surgeon will likely be less costly. Many will only pass on the cost of the facility and anesthesia charges but not charge you a surgeon fee or charge a nominal fee. A surgeon that has not met you before will likely charge you the full cost of a revision rhinoplasty as you are a new patient and they did not take part in your original surgery. If you have confidence in your original surgeon I would inquire as to cost and options for a revision procedure. If you do not have confidence seek a second opinion. I hope this information is helpful.

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Is Revision Rhinoplasty Less Expensive with the Original Surgeon?

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A revision rhinoplasty is ANY work performed after the very first procedure (no matter how minor).  Revision work is usually best with the original surgeon because he/she was there before, they know you, and they know exactly what maneuvers have been used.  It is usually less expensive.  For instance, I usually do not charge a surgeon's fee for my own revision cases (but there is still an anesthesia and facility fee).  Going to a different surgeon for the revision is a different matter.  Place yourself in that surgeon's shoes- they have never seen you before as a patient, they do not know exactly what was performed on your nose (even if they have a copy of the operative report), and revision cases can be more difficult to predict a particular outcome.  So from their standpoint, they will usually charge a fee somewhat similar to what your first surgery was.

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Rhinoplasty Revision with Original Surgeon

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If you want a minor revision and you still have confidence in your surgeon it is typically less expensive to have the work done by the original physician. It might be helpful to get a second opinion before making a decision.

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