Can Nasal Tip Be Touched Up with Local Anesthesia?

I recently underwent a revision rhinoplasty. Despite the revision, the lower left side of my nasal tip continues to point to the left. A cartilage graft that was placed in the first rhinoplasty seems to be pointed, rather than round and contoured, creating this protrusion and asymmetry. The question is whether this problem can be touched up under local anesthesia? Thank you!

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Touch up revision tip rhinoplasty

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It's hard to say how extensive your touch up would be without examining your nose.

Some people can tolerate having local numbing medication injected into the tip while others can't.  You should discuss your options with your surgeon to see. Depending on how far out you are from surgery you may want to wait to make sure you nose is entirely healed. This usually takes about 12 months.

Can tip revision be done under local?

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This depends on you, the Rhinoplasty surgeon and how involved the tip touch up will be.  Local can be used on the nose but if there are extensive incisions, on the inside of the nose, typically the issue of bleeding and how you'll handle that IMHO makes local a no go.  Have an honest discussion with your Rhinoplasty surgeon and ask if you'll be more comfortable with a general anesthetic. 

Local anesthesia

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This depends on the person .Some patients have no problem receiving injections of local anesthetic in their nose or face. Some find it worse then the surgery. If all that is planned is smoothing of this point and you can handle the injection then go ahead. If you are contemplating complete tip revision you likely will need more then local anesthesia.

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
West Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Tip rhinoplasty can be an involved procedure and takes few hours. The type of anesthesia will also depend on you and how much YOU can tolerate. Pain tolerance for injections and long lying down on the operating table.Discuss all these issues with your surgeon

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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