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Is there any risk in taping the nose after cast removal to reduce swelling?

Had a closed rhino revision 10 days ago. My doctor didn’t tell me to tape my nose after cast removal, but I did it anyway. First two days it worked g... READ MORE

Taping nose a month post op revision rhinoplasty?

I had taped my nose maximum 2 weeks post op revision rhinoplasty. My surgeon wanted to remove it a week post op. but I asked him to keep it longer and... READ MORE

Do I need to have cast on after the surgery if no bone breaking was involved? I had cartilage graft on the bridge? (Photo)

I had my 3rd reversion rhinoplasty on Fab.19th 2015,I don't have any cast on ,only tape I'm extremely swollen, ,doctor said he didn't broke any bone... READ MORE

Is it normal to have bruising on the bridge of the nose post revision rhinoplasty with grafts? (photo)

I'm 6 days post op revision rhinoplasty. I have a bruised area on the bridge of my nose which is red/purple. It looks different from the bruising... READ MORE

Why do I STILL have a hump?

In June 2012 I had a rhinoplasty. 6 months later, it appeared that the hump was back so I had a revision. Since then I have been taping my nose every... READ MORE

Tape after rhinoplasty

I had a revision rhino, and was instructed by my doctor to wear tape on my nose every day for a month post op. And now that a month has passed, it has... READ MORE

After my septoplasty and rhinoplasty my nose was straight. Over time my nose is going crooked. Would revision help? (photos)

I had a septoplasty & rhinoplasty done on September 15th. When my cast was taken off my nose it was completely straight but as time has progressed... READ MORE

Hump After Taping a Revision Rhinoplasty, Permanent?

I had revision rhino 7 weeks ago to remove hump. My doc didn’t brake bone he rebuild it using my own cartilage from septum . Nose was nicely curved a... READ MORE

What's going on with my nose? (photos)

I had a revision rhinoplasty 8 weeks ago. Same surgeon. My nose looked beautiful when I got the splint off. my frontal view of my nose now looks very... READ MORE

Can tape ruin revision rhinoplasty outcome?

Is taping just pointless, or worse, harmful?? My surgeon told me not to tape. He believed it didn't do anything but prolong swelling. I had a revision... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty swelling or cartilage? (photos)

I had a revision rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago and my nose appears to look bigger than how it was before. When I had the tape I thought it looked awesome... READ MORE

Have I damaged my nose with any of the following? Closed revision rhinoplasty, no cast, only taped. Currently 8 days post op.

- 6days postop, pillow fell on side of nose. Hurt after, only for abit. no bleeding. Nose swelled up after, hasnt looked the same since. Stitches on... READ MORE

Does taping over the supra tip area cause some tendernerness? I'm 1 month post op revision rhinoplasty using rib cartilage graft

I had revision rhinoplasty using rib graft. My 1st & only rhinoplasty was through a closed approach using L shape silicon. My tip is still bulbous &... READ MORE

Nose looks very wide after revision rhinoplasty. Will it go away?

I am 7 days post-op revision rhinoplasty. My nose was only taped and no cast or splint was used. Removing the stitches and the dried blood was... READ MORE

What do I do about my nose lacking definition? (Photo)

Hello I have had 3 revisions and feel my nose lacks defination. What do you suggest I do about this. Can this be the cause of scar tissue. Should I... READ MORE

Scar tissue and taping question 1 week post op 4th Rhinoplasty.

Hello, I took my splint off today and my nose is swollen as hell because I had a rib graft and it is my 4th surgery! Looks semi-good in its swollen... READ MORE

How many mm of swelling can be present in the supra-tip? (Photo)

I had revision rhinoplasty 2 months ago. My tip is high and full, and there is a dip/kink in the middle of the bridge. When I tape the supra-tip for... READ MORE

Like the shape and hate the size. WIll it get smaller? (Photo)

Hi doctors I had my 1st rhinoplasty done with bad outcome (deviated nose large tip with large nostrils) i passed 9months without living the house , my... READ MORE

I've had a second revision. How can I prevent cartilage and scar tissue formation after operation?

I just had my third rhinoplasty done 10 days ago to straighten my nose and lift the tip. I already love the result, although I have a lot of swelling... READ MORE

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