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What is the Procedure for Shaving Down a Bone Bump Left from Rhinoplasty Healing?

I had closed rhinoplasty about 8 months ago. (deviated septum, broken nose, hump) At my 6 week post-op visit, my doctor said that it appeared the bone... READ MORE

Exercise After Minor Rhinoplasty Revision

I just had a closed revision septorhinoplasty surgery to shave off some cartilage and remove some subcutaneous scar tissue from my open-primary last... READ MORE

Shaving Rib Cartilage Graft on Bridge For Revision Possible?

Hello, 6 months ago, I had rib grafts put into my bridge and tip (strut) of my nose. Now i think the bridge is too high (2.5mm) and the tip is... READ MORE

Is It a Simple Revision to Shave a Septal Cartilage Graft on the Bridge of a Nose, in a Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had a septorhinoplasty 7 weeks ago. I had tip work done, and a septal cartilage graft to enhance and smooth the profile. My nose was 'too fine' in... READ MORE

Bump on bridge of nose from cartilage graft. Is it possible to shave or rasp this down? (Photo)

Hi doctors I had revision rhinoplasty one month ago to refine nasal tip and add fullness to the right side of the nasal bridge. I believe the swelling... READ MORE

Had 3rd Revision on Bump on my Bridge, Still Signs of it There, Could it Just be Swelling? (photo)

I had my third revision a bony bump on m bridge when cast came off my dr shaved it off with i dont know what in his office at 23 rd day of surgery but... READ MORE

6 months post op, I have radix rasping. Any suggestions? (photos)

Today I explained that I was unappy with tip projection and high radix. He said he would not deproject my nose or shave cartildge because i have... READ MORE

3 month post op septo-rhinoplasty, my nose bridge looks too large. Would a closed revision rhinoplasty be possible? (photos)

My problem is that my nose bridge looks now too large especially as you get closer to the tip and my tip looks rounder. I really don't like it and its... READ MORE

How can I add more bone structure back to my nose? (Photo)

I am extremely depressed about my nose and I feel like too much was shaven off. I would like to know what the procedure is to add more structure and... READ MORE

Bridge of nose needs shaved down more. Will I need to have another procedure?

It's been almost a year since my rhinoplasty. At my 6 month post op, my doctor told me that he needs to rasp the bone on my bridge that has formed... READ MORE

Im Wondering if I Should Seek Revision from January Rhinoplasty. What Do You Think? (photo)

I had my bump shaved and my dr took some of the extra cartilage i had in my nose and put a graft into my nose. I am unsure of the tip i feel it is too... READ MORE

Why Did my Surgeon Shave off my Bone?

I had a nosejob almost a year ago because I had a hump on the bridge and a droopy nose. So I got it done. The bridge looked nice and straight, but the... READ MORE

Lifting tip and possibly shave off a little bit of alar cartilage on one side of the nose or adding alar graft after revision?

Can a tip be lifted and a little bit of alar cartilage shaved off on one side under local or is this something that has to be done under general? I... READ MORE

Help with figuring out what to do. Should I seek a second opinion before revision with my surgeon? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty 3 mo. ago for a dorsal hump that was incompletely removed. My primary doc wants to go back in 3 mo. and shave it down. There's a... READ MORE

Would it cost a lot to get a small ball of bone removed from the side of my nose? (photos)

I've got a small ball of bone on the side of my bridge following rhinoplasty surgery. My surgeon is reluctant to do anything for me, he says my nose... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty: should I use the same doctor? (Photo)

I had septo and rhinoplasty back in September 2013. By a Kaiser cosmetic surgeon. I'm not sure if the best choice would be to have the same Dr. do my... READ MORE

I hit under tip and at the base of my nose 2 months after revision rhinoplasty. Should I be worried?

I was bending down to help my boss pick up a garden hose. When she picked part of it up it bend up and hit underneath my tip in the middle part that... READ MORE

Can I get my dorsal hump shaved only a small bit? (photo)

I have quite a large dorsal hump. im wondering if i can get it shaved but only a little bit so i can keep the natural look. i dont wnt to have a nose... READ MORE

Bad revision - can this be fixed? (Photos)

I had a revision to try and fix an inverted v deformity. The surgeon was meant to just add to the mid section but he ended up shaving off my nose bone... READ MORE

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