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Narrow Pinched Nose? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty in 2005, a bump on the nose was removed, but left the nose and tip of the nose a narrow and pointy had before surgery rounder shape... READ MORE

Widen Dorsum? (photo)

Hello, 1 year ago I got my rhinoseptoplasty to fix a crooked nose with hump and deviated septum. Actually the result doesn't satisfact me, because my... READ MORE

Nose too narrow and small for my face

Need revision surgery after my primary made my nose too narrow and small for my face . Had a cephalic trim.can t breath well )Doctor suggested onlay... READ MORE

Cartilage from Revision Rhinoplasty Made Bridge Too Narrow

My Doctor added cartilage from my ear to build up the bridge, which was too low from a surgery years ago. It's too straight, and much narrower... READ MORE

My nose is still crooked after Revision Rhinoplasty. Nose bridge too narrow, how to make it wider? Will it even out? (photos)

Hi I did my first rhinoplasty 1/9-2014 which included tip refinement, bump removal and osteotomy. Had a cast on for 2w and after nose looked crooked... READ MORE

I Had Revision Rhinoplasty Two Weeks Ago I Had my Bridge Narrowed and Tip Reduced,my Nose is Big? (photo)

This was my second revision the first two surgeries were so bad the last doctor left me with a deviated septum the tip had no definition asymmetrical... READ MORE

Who would you recommend for best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in USA to Correct and Lengthen a Short Nose for Revision? (photos)

Hello! Long story short I had my primary in 2011 to narrow my bridge & smooth out a bulbous tip on my congenital short nose. I regret ever stepping... READ MORE

Can This Nose Be Improved? (Photo)

I had a previous nose job,, the dr didn't botch my nose, he gave me minor changes & my nose still so ugly, i need to know is it possible to... READ MORE

What Could Be the Possible Problems with Having a Septal Graft Removed?

I would like a septal cartilage graft removed from my bridge. I believe it was used for widening the airways in some way. My bridge now looks to high... READ MORE

I had major reconstructive surgery. Is it possible to de-project the tip and make it come closer to my face? (photos)

When I was 16 year I had a rhinoplasty. The result was a over scooped nose with a even more boulbous tip. 20 years later I had a revision... READ MORE

Am I at big risk- Use of septal cartilage for revision rhinoplasty? (photo)

I read so many horror stories that I dont know what to do. I have a very narrow bridge now after primary rhino. One side is collapsed. Doctors i saw... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty: What would be required to get my nose from picture A to picture B? (Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 3 years ago. No septal work was done. Doctors say I have thick bones that are hard to narrow (bridge). What would be needed to get... READ MORE

Can perichondrium or temporalis fascia add slight augmentation and fullness to bridge?

Hi, I had a rhinoplasty 3 years ago and I feel it is "a little" refined and narrow. Also there is a slight indention where the nasal bones meet on the... READ MORE

I hit under tip and at the base of my nose 2 months after revision rhinoplasty. Should I be worried?

I was bending down to help my boss pick up a garden hose. When she picked part of it up it bend up and hit underneath my tip in the middle part that... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty Results Okay? (photo)

I had a rihnoplasty for my nose 2 years ago to remove the hump but the result was my nose becomes short cause of the tip was high So i decided to do a... READ MORE

Best revision rhinoplasty surgeon who is also an artist? (Photo)

After my failed rhinoplasty I ended up with a very short nose. It's wide, flat and upturned. I'm trying to find the best surgeon who can make my nose... READ MORE

How will recovery / risks be for revision involving placement of unilateral spreader graft only? Swelling time?

Had primary rhinoplasty & septoplasty in July. Results are great so far. However one side of my nose was narrowed more than the other, asymmetry is... READ MORE

Narrow nose bridge. Will my doctor place my implant back or put in a new one? (Photo)

Hello. I got my nose job done few years ago. Doctor placed a nose bridge implant, to make my profile better. since my nose was a bit flat. So, im... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty to lift lateral cartilages to change a narrow nose to a rounder and sloped nose?

I had a rhinoplasty 8 months ago to correct a deviated septum and remove a bump on the right side of the nose, however the surgeon changed the round... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty to narrow nose-1 yr post op and results have regressed (photos)

Hi, I had rhinoplasty 12 mo ago to refine tip of my nose and narrow my nostrils. My Dr. used cartilage from my septum to raise the tip. I was so happy... READ MORE

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