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Can Depressions Below Nasal Bones Be Fixed During a Revision Rhinoplasty?

During septorhinoplasty the doctor changed the size and position of my nasal bones. The bones are shorter. Now,in addition to nasal valve collapse,the... READ MORE

Is there any risk in taping the nose after cast removal to reduce swelling?

Had a closed rhino revision 10 days ago. My doctor didn’t tell me to tape my nose after cast removal, but I did it anyway. First two days it worked g... READ MORE

Is a revision rhinoplasty too risky? (Photo)

I have slight alar retraction, a remaining hump, & a depression on one side of the nose. more than one year after my primary rhinoplasty. My nose is... READ MORE

I had a 2nd nose surgery and it's been 2weeks . Why can't I see a difference? (Photo)

Hi i had a septoplasty 2years ago,developed post surgery a depression in the tip of my nose.Got a correction to rectify that 2weeks ago.this time... READ MORE

Can I have a Revision Rhinoplasty if I have depression? Do I have to tell the surgeon I'm taking antidepressants?

I'm SO sad and cry everyday. I used to be happy & social and now I'm afraid to look in a mirror. My primary surgeon changed too much and told me my... READ MORE

Depressions in nose after revision rhinoplasty. Is this normal? (Photo)

After I had revision rhiniplasty about 4 weeks ago, part of my nose is sinking causing here to be depressions and look bumpy. Does this go away? Will... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty - How long to wait when you know something is wrong?

I just underwent my 3rd rhino with the same dr. I currently have divots in my nose on one of the sides & he made my tip substantially bigger than what... READ MORE

10 months post revision: Corrected a bump on my bridge. My surgeon suggested we taper it further. Now I feel distorted. (photo)

This has left me with so much emotional damage. Anxiety depression and regret. How many surgeries can one get? Have I gone too far? I was unhappy with... READ MORE

Possible to get back old nose? Super depressed! (photos)

I am 4 months post op open rhino. My nose was just a little bulbous and I had a teeny elevation on the bridge, I was ok with the rest. Now my nose... READ MORE

How easy is this depression on nose to fix (post revisions rhinoplasty). (photos)

Hi doctors, I would love to get a second opinion on this.. I had a revision rhinoplasty about 11 months ago and as the swelling had come down there is... READ MORE

I have reached the 3month mark and still not happy, i want to raise the bridge and lower the tip downwards, I want my old nose.

I went back to see the surgeon and found out we weren't on the same page after all, he told me I shouldn't have come to him if all I wanted was... READ MORE

Scar columella very visible. (photos)

I had four previous nose jobs and now my scar coumnela has a very visible depression. It can be fixed? :(. Thanks. For me is very important because I... READ MORE

Should I undergo revision rhinoplasty? (Photo)

This is my pictures 7 months post and i think my nasal bones are to wide between my eyes. At 7 month post op is there a chance swelling is still... READ MORE

Can a very small nasal hump be restored so that the bridge is thin again?

I regret my rhinoplasty where my previous surgeon rasped a small nasal hump. I can feel a slight depression where he rasped it. It didn't improve my... READ MORE

I have inverted V deformity, is it possible that this problem will get worse? (Photos)

I had a open rhinoplasty in 2012 to remove a hump on my dorsum. I'm not happy with the result. I have an inverted V deformity, and I am afraid of my... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago - I am developing a depression on the left side of the bridge. (photos)

I am aware that there is still a great deal of swelling but the depression is really worrying me. Is this something that can be corrected with a... READ MORE

Reoperation Nose 4 Years Post Op? (photo)

4 years ago I had my nose surgery. It was big and bumpy. After surgery, I noticed little depression on the left side of the nose and gradually it... READ MORE

Shadowy Area on Bridge?

I had a revision several months ago and have slight shadowy area and depression on one side of my bridge. In certain lights it manifests as... READ MORE

Very frustrated after rhinoplasty! How can I fix the depression in my nose? (Photos)

I had surgery on 8/18 and my nose is still crooked because the Dr said he never broke the nose. He only took out scar tissue and then injected a... READ MORE

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