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I Want to Have an Alar Rim Graft and a Tongue-In-Groove (TIG) Surgery?

I want to have an Alar Rim Graft and a Tongue-In-Groove(TIG) surgery. I have had a Rhinoplasty(2004), including having my columella trimmed(06/2011. I... READ MORE

What is the Recovery Like After an Alar Rim Graft for Revision?

6 Months ago I had a septorhinoplaasty to correct a severe preforated septum. my nostrils now look uneven,one looks "pinched" My surgeon now... READ MORE

Would I Benefit from Alar Rim Grafts? (photo)

I hope this is my last time asking these questions :), but do you think alar rim grafts will improve my nose? I don't like the nostril show or the 'm'... READ MORE

Nose too narrow and small for my face

Need revision surgery after my primary made my nose too narrow and small for my face . Had a cephalic trim.can t breath well )Doctor suggested onlay... READ MORE

Notched Nostril Post Revision Rhinoplasty. Will An Alar Rim Graft Help?

I've been told that an alar rim graft will help correct my notched nostril. Can this procedure be done in office with no/minimal anesthesia or will I... READ MORE

Alar composite graft removal? (photo)

Hi, i had small touch up after revision 2,5 months ago to correct alar notching with composite graft. I think it's too much. It made my tip bulky and... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for an Alar Batten Graft?

I am consulting with various revisionists. Alar Batten graft was suggested to address NVC. I have always had small nostrils and upon forced... READ MORE

Alar rim grafts didn't improve the triangular shape of my nostril. How can this problem be fixed? (Photo)

Because of the triangular / notched shape of my left nostril I had revision rhinoplasty which involved the placement of alar rim grafts. Unfortunately... READ MORE

I feel ethnically erased. I'm Caucasian with Italian and German mix father, who I look like. What options do I have to fix it?

It was so important to me that I keep the profile angle and tip angle and side angles next to tip. I did not want or ask for this loss of inherited... READ MORE

Can Alar Rim Grafts Be Removed Under Local Anesthetic?

I had a revision tip rhinoplasty to address nostril flare after a nose job in 1995. This involved putting in alar rim grafts. I didn't realise how... READ MORE

Grafts for Nostril Alars?

I had a nostril reduction with an extremely bad rhino, which left my originally "African"-ish nose with nostrils that seem to pinch inward... READ MORE

I have stiches inside my nose after Revision Rhinoplasty. It is sticking out. Is it okay to take them out?

On july 7 i had my revision rhinoplasty and i have been seeing strings inside my nose that is noticeable because they are sticking out . i want to... READ MORE

I have a raised scar with redness after Revision Rhinopasty infection. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi, I had a bad infection in the area around an alar rim graft that required two excisions of a growth in my nostril 17 months ago. My nostril is full... READ MORE

Lifting tip and possibly shave off a little bit of alar cartilage on one side of the nose or adding alar graft after revision?

Can a tip be lifted and a little bit of alar cartilage shaved off on one side under local or is this something that has to be done under general? I... READ MORE

Alar Rim Graft, Is it Possible to Have a Revision?

Ive just recently had a revision augmentation rhino involving a second sheet of medpor implant and a ear cartildge tip graft and also my doctor tucked... READ MORE

1 year post revision septorhino, alar batten graft has migrated into the piriform aperture. What treatment is required? (Photo)

A routine check up by a different doctor applying too much pressure with a nasal speculum has dislodged one of my alar batten grafts causing breathing... READ MORE

Can you advise a legal course of action after failed rhinoplasties?

I had 2 revision rhinoplasties to correct a deviated septum & weak nasal walls. my 1st surgery (alar batten grafts) was unsuccessful & I had revision... READ MORE

Could a blanket fascia compromise circulation to nasal skin?

Since a revision operation nearly 2 years ago, where I had spreader and alar rim grafts and a fascia graft over my nose (4.5 hour operation time) I... READ MORE

My alar rims are uneven? One straight one curved after revision rhinoplasty?

Hi I got revision Rhinoplasty 5 weeks ago. I got cast removed and as soon as it came off my heart dropped. I had uneven nostrils I have seen no... READ MORE

I finally had my revision rhinoplasty but worried about results. Will my nose be swollen as long as my first surgery?

Hi Docs I had my revision rhino 3 days ago. First op left me w/inverted v on 1 side & pollybeak due to lack of tip support & scar tissue formation... READ MORE

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