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Revision Rhinoplasty for Tip Refinement 4 Months After Initial Surgery?

I had a closed Rhinoplasty nearly 4 months ago. I have noticed that the swelling has gone from the bridge, but the tip doesnt seem to have gone down... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty with Ear Graft - Survival and Healing

I recently underwent a 3rd surgery to remove a poorly placed and infected medpor implant. The doctor did use ear grafts to replace damaged tissue from... READ MORE

Botched, Butchered Nose Need Revision Info Please? (photo)

Unforunately I got butchered by an ENT. he used the tongue and groove. I think I have alar retraction on the left and right.I will probably need... READ MORE

Could a Retracted Columella From Surgery 4 Months Ago Change in Appearance Over Time?

I have a slight retracted columella after a revision was done to fix it 4 months ago. Cartilage from my ear was placed for a strut graft. It still... READ MORE

Do I Have Post Rhinoplastic Infection?

Hi, I am 4 months post op from a 2nd revision surgery. This revision, the doc used acellular dermis. The healing went very well this time with minimal... READ MORE

Removing Medpor Nasal Implant After 4 Months of Surgery? Horriblenose Job My Dr, Wants Me to Pay Again!!!

HHello Drs, I'm 34 years old women who recently had done a rhynoplasty ( medpor drum implant)On April 12, but it makes my nose horrible big and I... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Revision. Should I Use the Same Doctor or Not? How Difficult is This Revision?

I had rhinoplasty 5/10 and I’m scheduled to have revision surgery in 2 weeks. I’m apprehensive as I am going back to the same doctor. How... READ MORE

Should I Get a Revision Rhinoplasty If Right Nostril is Sinking and Bridge is Too Sloped?

Hi i had a septorhinoplasty 4 months ago and i now have sinking in on the right nostril and i feel like my bridge seems pretty sloped. also my nose... READ MORE

Swollen Tip 4 Months After Second Rhinoplasty

1st rhino didn't touch the tip,now I got a tip refinement.Was ok after taking the cast and with swelling down should have been fine.Now the nose is... READ MORE

Heat and Sun Exposure

I underwent an extensive (open) secondary rhinoplasty approximately four months ago. Recently, I have had to spend a bit of time outdoors in the 100+... READ MORE

How Can I Help Reduce Swelling 4months After Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had revision rhinoplasty 4months ago and still have swelling and a very stiff nose. While it's getting better I am wondering if there is anything I... READ MORE

Pulling on retracted collumela. Should I follow instruction from my surgeon, 4 months post revision? (Photo)

I had my revision 4 months ago . At my last appt surgeon told me that my collumella is retracting and to pull on it to push it down many times a day .... READ MORE

3.5 months post op rhinoplasty. Severely upset. How soon can I have a revision? (Photo)

Had a Septoplasty, turbinate reduction and rhinoplasty done alomost 4 months ago. STRESSTED to my Doc that I want the bump on my bridge GONE and I... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty at 5 M Too Soon? However Feeling So Depressed. Will the Risk Outweigh Benefit?

I am 3.5 m after primary surgery. Experience is unsatisfactory. After consulting for secod opinion w two doctor confirmed that the droopy round tip is... READ MORE

Will Excess Skin on Over-shortened Nose Complicate a Revision?

I had a long nose before my primary rhinoplasty which was 4 months ago. To my surprise, my tip was rotated up a lot and the nose was shortened... READ MORE

Sides of Tip Swollen After Revision Rhinoplasty 4 Months Ago?

I had septo-rhinoplasty 4 months ago to fix a internal nasal valve collapse, deviated septum, and a pollybeak that was cartliage (not scar tossue... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and Eye Shape Change and Distended?

Hi I had a rhinoplasty in august 2011 which i was not happy with, i had 3 revision by the same surgeon and the 3rd was in aug 2012, after the surgery,... READ MORE

Not healing after infection and 2 growth removals from nasal cavity, rev rhino 4.5 months ago. Can mucous membrane heal? (photo)

I have an alar rim and spreader graft on both sides, batten graft on painful right side. Right side burning, sharp pain, fresh blood. I can see a... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Repair the Hasners Valve?

I had a rhinoplasty 4 months ago, over the past fortnight I have noticed, when I sniff through my right nostril, the inner corner of my left eye pulls... READ MORE

Possible cartilage graft exposure after infection as unresolving pain & tenderness in mucous membrane. What can be done? (photo)

4.5 months PO rev rhino. Infection with abscess and growths removed. No more drainage or lump, just very inflamed membrane with what looks like white... READ MORE

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