Breast Augmentation - B to C cup

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SO I decided to through with someone I have though...

SO I decided to through with someone I have though about as long as I remember. Every year I waited for my breasts to get bigger but they never did. I am now 25 years old and I LOVE the shape of my breasts but wish they were bigger. I am 5'5 and around 115-119lb (depending on the time of month and scale haha). I did my research and found Dr. Firouz and scheduled a consultation for more information regarding the process (even though I already knew everything from research, I'm a RN it is my nature).

The first consultation went amazing. He took the time to get to know me and my goals. I am currently a size B and am looking to increase to a full natural C. The feel of the implants: saline felt like a water balloon and silicone was much more natural/soft. Since natural was what i was going for it was a no brainer. If the extra money isnt an issue for you then I have no idea why you would pick saline. I chose Submuscluar (it's a good choice for making the breast look more natural and hides the implant) with the incision in the crease of my breasts (most direct route to insert the implant to decrease healing time). Healing time is an issue for me since I am a nurse, Dr. Fiouz guarenteed fast healing. after 2 days he said i could resume most my normal activities with the exception of driving and working out (I will let you know how fast I recover).
Dr. Firouz made me feel very comfortable and used a sizing chart to show me what sizes would be proportionate for my size statistically and he also used his vision. I cannot remember the exact cc i decided on the first consultation. We reviewed pictures and I tried out the implants in a sports bra. I left feeling very confident in his abilities and knowledge.

The second consultation; we did another fitting except this time I liked the second choice of implant size. (I was teetering between two, people always say they wish they had gone bigger and I don't wanna be one of those people). Ultimately I've decided on the second consultation size, which were a few cm smaller than the first. (I'll let you know exactly how big i go after the procedure). I took my boyfriend with me on the second consultation to ease his hesitency regarding the procedure. Although it took a few hours of convincing after, he agreed to support my decision. The second consultation/pre-op involved blood work, payment confirmation, and the date/time of surgery. I once again left feeling confident.

Now, Surgery is less than a week away and I have started to feel nervous. Thoughts I have, "What if they make me look fat, ill miss my small boobs maybe. Will clothes fit? Have i made a rash decision. What if something goes wrong." I could go on and on and on. Needless to say i'm WORRIED/NERVOUS, but still not regretting my decision. However. His assistant gave me her cell number and told me to text her with any worries. She said it is completely normal to be nervous. She texts me back almost immediately when i text her, which eases my mind. THUSfar the experience has been nothing but impressive, comfortable and exciting. I'll keep you updated with how surgery goes!!! and of course I will post pictures!!

Surgery went amazing! Here is how it went. My...

Surgery went amazing! Here is how it went. My surgery was moved to an earlier time at 1130 (which is good because I was starving). So we sign paperwork wait and go back into a room. Dr. Firouz comes and assesses me and makes markings on my chest for surgery and reassures me. Went into the operating room and Dr. Firouz held my hand until the anesthesia kicked it. SOOO sweet. He really cares, you can tell. And bam I woke up! No pain in my throat from extubation like another surgery I had. The post surgical team were amazing, friendly and sweet. Dr. Firouz came to check on me after I woke up and assured me my surgery was flawless. It was amazing experience. I felt pressure on my chest and more pain in my right then left so they doped me up pretty well. After I slept it off, I'm put in a wheelchair and out the door home. I had a smoothie and some pineapple and pretty much slept that entire day. You really really need someone there!! Dr. Firouz is the best.

Day 1 post op! And I'm using minimal Vicodin for...

Day 1 post op! And I'm using minimal Vicodin for pain. Walking around, even did a bit of shopping! I am amazed at how easy this recovery is going. Minimal to no bruising! My post op appointment was today and my BFF took me because I can't drive. Dr. Firouz was very happy with the results! Not to tmi but still waiting on a bowel movement and I'm pmsing so I'm super super bloated! I'm able to take a shower and I've been rubbing body butter on them to prevent stretch marks. I ended up with 310cc in each breast silicone. I still don't know my bra size and they are strapped until they drop. He put a stitch under the breast since I had it inserted in the crease under my boobs. He stitched it to my chest wall to prevent bottoming out. Don't get me wrong they are still super sore and I have to watch my activities. But so far I'm a very happy girl! I'll keep updates and pictures!

Day 2 post op! No pain pills what so ever. The...

Day 2 post op! No pain pills what so ever. The strap caused significant pain yesterday but today I have none. My breasts are still sore, tight, hard and a bit numb. However I have no pain at all and have been able to preform my duties as usual. I still apply cocoa butter because my skin was stretched tight. They may have been an actual A haha. Still resting as much as possible because I start work again in three days and its important to give your body time to rest. I forgot to mention that Dr. Firouz called me the day of surgery to ensure I was well! He is so amazing, I can't say that enough. Love love love him. Appointment next week with him. Now to wait for the drop!

Week one post op and I require no pain medication...

Week one post op and I require no pain medication and have returned to work and even attended two parties. I feel these breasts fit my body size even though I know they will continue to fall into place over the next couple months! Ill def post the drop and fluff.

3 weeks. Still a bit sore esp. Since I started...

3 weeks. Still a bit sore esp. Since I started massaging. They haven't dropped to far buy have def come a long way from the first day as far as softness goes. Massaging is a bit painful but I am going to try and keep with it and I apply the scar cream every day as directed. I am happy with the size and can't wait for them to fully drop. I think they are gonna be perfect! Uneven right now but I know that's part of the process :)

It's been one month! Wow! Time flys!! So they are...

It's been one month! Wow! Time flys!! So they are still a bit hard. I don't think I've been massaging enough. I also hate that I haven't been able to work out. I'm so flabby lol. But that will melt off when I'm allows back in the gym. They are dropping but I can't stand the strap so they are probably dropping slower than they would with the strap on everyday. Still very very very happy with my results. Scars are starting to heal!!!

Almost to three months!!!

They feel so soft and they are dropping so nicely! I'm such a happy girl. Still excited for the final post.

New bra

5 months

Description under the pic. 5 months they are full enough underneath to me . Do y'all know if they drop underneath more or to the right? I want my nipples to be more center and high and my breast underneath like a tear drop. Do I just need to wait until it's been a year? I have gained a bit of weight so maybe it's just me. Or maybe it's all in my head. I'd love comments

Happy one year boobies!!!!

It's been a year to day! Sometimes it's still difficult changing my wardrobe from high fashion things flat cheated girls can wear but for the majority of the time I love them and I'm proud of them :) the left one pulls a little and ripples but only noticeable to me really. I love how they've settled and they are as soft as any. I'm also in the best shape of my life at 114lb so they shrunk a little too but fill out a c still :) happy girl. Do what makes you happy!!!

One year Breasts!

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