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What is Better for Acne and Reducing Blemishes or Scars? Epiduo, Differin, or Retin A?

I am in my 30s and I still get acne clpar to the time that I am menstruating. I'm used to use Differin years ago, and when I visited my Drmarologist... READ MORE

Can Differin Cause my Pores to Get Bigger?

I've been using Differin 0.3 (a weak retinoid) for about 3 months. The past month I've noticed my pores became much larger. Before using Differin, my... READ MORE

When is it ok to stop using differin/Retin-a after starting?

I want to start differin and retin-a but i also want to get extractions done. is it ok to use them for about 3 weeks and then wait a while until my... READ MORE

Differin .3% gel vs Retin A Micro .08% gel pump, can I alternate?

I have very acne prone skin, but am using retinoids for anti aging benefits too. I am this week trying out Differin but I still have a bottle of Retin... READ MORE

Will this strength of tretinoin be with benefit?

Started tretinoin gel 0.01% for my 50 y.o skin. Had been on Differin gel 0.3 % for about a decade. Thank you, Mimi READ MORE

Can I use differin gel and nerium AD on my acne if I have had no success with differin and cetaphil from my dermatologist?

Wash in the morning? Moisturizer with cetaphil in the morning? Can I mix differin and nerium? Should nerium go first or the differin gel? READ MORE

Differin or Retinol For Blackheads and Whiteheads?

Hello doctors! :) Ive been to the dermatologist today to have a consultation but i wasn't able to clarify everything i wanted to make clear. My face... READ MORE

My pores are very very large since using differin gel. been using it for 4 months?

Large pores with differin gel. will they go back to normal READ MORE

What can I use instead of Retin A ?

Hi, I am 33 , and been using Retin A before once , Now i read all over the website that Retin A is the best cream i can use for antiaging , but... READ MORE

Switching From Differin to Retin-A?

I am considering switching from my Differin w/w cream 0.1% to Retin-A. I've gone through that short initial stage of redness, peeling and flaking... READ MORE

Retin A/ Differin causes slight skin color change?

I'm 24, asian, and have olive color skin. I have used retinoids (Retin A and Differin) for about 8 years. I have noticed over the years that my face... READ MORE

Is Differin gentler than Retin-A Micro?

I tried Retin A-Micro cream 0.04% for a few closed comedones. After using a very thin layer on a few test patches for about 4 nights a week I began... READ MORE

Is it ok to use Differin 0.1% on top of Retin-A 0.05%?

I'm in mid twenty. I only started to have cystic acne 4 years ago. Last year i went to 3 doctors but nothing changed. Acne always came back after few... READ MORE

Which retinoid is more gentle on sensitive skin: Differin or Retin-A, and based on my reaction to Retin-A should I retry?

I tried retin a a year ago with a horrible experience that I don't wish on my worst enemy. I had mild acne that it wasn't so noticeable and I was... READ MORE

Is it okay to switch from Differin gel 1mg to Retin A 0.05%?

I have been using differin gel for about a year now. I feel like my skin is soo used to it such that it doesn't do anything to my skin anymore.i want... READ MORE

.05% Tretinoin Gel vs. .1% Differin Gel, which one is more effective?

Hi, my insurance will stop covering my .05% Tretinoin gel starting on October 1, 2017. My insurance will cover .1% Differin gel instead. Is .1%... READ MORE

Retin A vs Differin after capillaries on face from Retin-A.

I did use Retin A years ago and did stop because i did start seeing too many capillaries on my face; I am now wondering if Differin could be a... READ MORE

My skin getting very oily while using Differin gel?

I normally have dry skin but with those acne medication I've noticed that my skin has gotten extremely oily while on this medication. What should I do ? READ MORE

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