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How can I heal chemical burns from Retin-A?

My derm gave me the 0.1% retin-A (I was on 0.05% before). The 0.1% is irritating, I have a red rash (hundreds of tiny little bumps), thick dark scabs,... READ MORE

How can I alleviate Retin-A side effects?

I am 29;1st used Retin-A0.05% for acne when 19.Worked well.I got some acne issues again and started using 0.1%micro formulation 2mths back.The first... READ MORE

How do I make burnt skin from Retinol go away 2 months after discontinuing use?

I started using an OTC eye cream with Retinol in it under my eyes in the hopes I could make these tiny bumps go away. After a couple weeks, I applied... READ MORE

Would you recommend creams or procedures for scars while on Retin-A Micro .08%? (photos)

I am currently on Retin-A Micro .08% and while my acne did clear up I still have post acne scars ranging from big red marks to small bumps(or... READ MORE

What can I do to reduce my bumps and zits, redness, enlarged pores, and hyperpigmentation? (Photo)

I have been on Tretinoin for almost 3 months now and have seen absolutely no improvement whatsoever. My skin has only gotten much worse than it before... READ MORE

Retin a Has Created a White Patch on my Face That is Lighter then the Rest of my Skin, How Do I Get the Melanin Back? (photo)

I was using retin a gel 0.025% on a small patch of my face where a cluster of irritated bumps appeared one night. I have used it for around 2months... READ MORE

I got tiny small bumps at my jaw lines. Any suggestions?

I have using retin a 0.05% cream for 7weeks. I got tiny small bumps at my jaw lines. Why is it appear? What should i do? READ MORE

Can I use Retin A over scabs?

My face broke out in bumps (not acne) after using a new serum/ lotion in the morning for a few days in a row. I scratched them and now have several... READ MORE

I used Retin A close to under my eye and now it looks like I have chicken skin. What can I do? (Photo)

I used tretinoin close to under my eye and now it looks like chicken skin under my eye Will these bumps go away? Please help I am 22 an used tretinoin... READ MORE

I have itchy bumps on my face from tretinoin. What should I do?

Ive been prescribed tretinoin 0.04% gel for my acne and milia. I use it as prescribed pea size all over my face at bedtime followed by eucerin... READ MORE

Is Retin-A cream ok for use on acne/discoloration from acne on butt cheeks?

I don't know if I'm using the term "acne" correctly or not. They are small, red bumps that usually have a white head. They go away pretty quickly but... READ MORE

My skin is worse than it was before I began using Retin A .1% gel. Should I continue using this gel or stop?

I am 24, used tetra for my acne then after I was prescribed Retin A .1% gel. Initially i had no breakouts while using the gel. Now I have red bumps... READ MORE

I used Tretinoin Cream0.1% for acne but had to discontinue since it caused bumps on my face.What should I do to get rid of them?

Is it due to excess dryness? Also,I realized that the bumps increased when I used a home remedy facemask (sandalwood).Please help READ MORE

Applying Tretinoin Gel at night, what to use in the AM?

I stopped using Tretinoin gel a few months ago because it wrecked havoc on my skin (my face was extra oily, but I had dry patches and I was getting... READ MORE

How to clear up red bumps after using the Tretinoin cream?

I have been using the Tretinoin cream and had a very bad reaction so I was told to discontinue the product. But now I have developed red bumps that I... READ MORE

Is Retin A Gel a good solution or is there a better option to deal with scars? (Photo)

I have scarred bumps (keloids?) from piercings that haven't gone away. My doctor prescribed Retin A Gel, but it burns my skin and causes peeling... READ MORE

What should I do if my acne marks got darker and more red after I over used retin-a? Should I stop for a day? (Photo)

Ive been using it for 4 days and everyday it seems to be getting more red, but the pimples and bumps have been going down so that's a good thing just... READ MORE

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