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Why Are Veins Appearing After Restylane in Nasolabial Folds and Nasogenian Grooves?

Earlier today, I had some restylane put into my nasolabial folds and nasogenian grooves. On the left side of my nose (but not on the right) I am... READ MORE

After Restylane, I Now Have a Vein Between my Eyes That Sticks out when I Smile. Is This Part of the Bruising Process? (photo)

A week ago I had Botox in the area between my eyebrows (anger lines) and crow's feet. Just today I went back for Restylane, and had the injections... READ MORE

Input Please- MD Icing / Pressure Protocol When Veins Are Hit in Tear Troughs?

A vein was hit when Restylane was injected under my lower lids. My PS iced and applied pressure for one minute or less before continuing injecting. He... READ MORE

Will Restylane Vital-Light Be Effective in Fixing Indentation on Nose?

Hello. I am having Restylane Vital-Light for a slight indentation on my nose. The indentation was as a result of having Diolite laser treatment on a... READ MORE

I have pressure, tingling, and bulging vein around the eye after Dermal Filler Injection. Is this normal? (photos)

I had restylane injections on 8/1 on the forehead for acne scar, and into my upper cheeks (1/2 syringe total was used). I went to see Dr. 8/13 as I... READ MORE

Restylane fillers in tear trough. Should I be worried that my eyes are drier than usual?

I got restylane fillers under my eyes a few days ago. There hasnt been any bruising or swelling, but my eyes are a bit dryer than usual. It must be... READ MORE

Can fillers and botox cause buldging veins under the eye area and at the temple of my head?

Ive had my botox toped up on my for head and just under my eye . then the same time got filler in my cheeks . the apple bit was lovely but it seemed... READ MORE

Will Vein Recede After Restylane and Hyaluronidase?

I had restylane injected under eyes which resulted in a bulging vein under one eye and lumps. I then had multiple rounds of hyaluronidase to dissolve... READ MORE

Options for Returning Ligated Vein After Under Eye Filler?

5 months ago I had restylane placed in orbital septum area for hollowness after a lower bleph. Not perfect results but I think I can wait it out.... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Continue Restylane in the Nose if I Have Red Spots 3 Months After Injections?

I had primary rhinoplasty 5 months ago. At 2 1/2 months post rhinoplasty I had restylane injected bridge and upper third as my nose was scooped. Since... READ MORE

Can nose filler cause permanent redness in the nose, and what to do about it?

My nose is getting redder and redder after a couple restylane injections, the last of which was 10 months ago. Many years ago I had surgery done on my... READ MORE

Vein between eyebrows hit with restalyne. Protocol was given now wondering about heal time an sun exposure?

Vein between eyebrows was hit with restalyne. Doc dissolved filler 3 days post application and prescribed pred and antibiotic for a week . Still have... READ MORE

1cc Restylane under eyes, now it seems like corners of eyes look darker & my left eye has green vein bruising or tyndell (Photo)

I've always had dark circles but after loosing weight it was worst , got restylane filler 1cc for both eyes the on 8/3/15 I see the difference but it... READ MORE

How long for swelling in temples to subside after Restylane?

I had approx. 1.5 mls of Restylane in each temple 15 days ago. It doesn't look completely smooth and he veins seem more prominent. How long for temple... READ MORE

Restylane injected in vein or artery, nasolabial fold. Side of nose red, patch on cheek (Photo)

Have blisters. Pain. Dermatologist who did injection stated does not have dissolving agent to inject. Went to plastic surgeon, said he cannot inject... READ MORE

Is two syringes too much?

I had deep tear troughs. When I met with my Doctor yesterday, she told that I needed two syringes of Restylane, since they were so deep. After the... READ MORE

Restylane under tear trough: Tyndall effect, raised rim and protruding veins (Photo)

7 days out from my 2nd treatment with Restylane. First treatment w Restylane was in my cheeks and also around the tear trough area to soften my eye... READ MORE

Please help with Restylane/Hyalase/laser nightmare (Photo)

Went In for Meso came out with emervel Classic 1 ml In tear throug 1 1/2 years ago. Had hyalyse a month later 0,75 ml. Had laser after for tyndall... READ MORE

Is this lump excess filler? (photos)

I had TT filler for 3 yrs (resty). When pregnant, a dent appeared on the left outer corner. I was told this was overfill & that he could fill to try &... READ MORE

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