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I Had Restylane Injections in my Lips 10 Days Ago. Its Gone! What Happened??

I was very satisfied when the procedure was originally done. Was swollen for a day or two and enjoyed my lips for another couple days. In the past 3... READ MORE

What is the Best Filler for Thin Skin? I Am Always Left With Lumpiness.

I have received injections in the fine lines around my mouth (smile lines) with Restylane and/or Juvaderm from different doctors (either board... READ MORE

2.5 of Restylane and Still Have Bad Bags? (photo)

Below are before and after photos. i got overall 2.5 restylane in my tear troughs and a month and a half after the treatment look like this. i still... READ MORE

Restylane Disappeared 5 Days After Injection, Is This Normal?

My doctor used 3/4 ampule of restylane to fill my upper lip . the result was great just after the injection .. 2 hours later i had a huge huge... READ MORE

Restylane Disappears in 2.5 Weeks?

I used Restylane 3 times. Always full 1 cc in 1 visit. 1st time it was injected in upper lip and smile lines. It disapear in 2.5 weeks. 2nd time I did... READ MORE

39 years old, Restylane, microneedling. Is it possible that Restylane will not fill the creases?

I had restylane skinbooster treatment no 2 ( out of the series of 5) 3 days ago. I see no positive result. What concerns me is labial area only , at... READ MORE

Restylane Permanent Damage? 3 Months Post, Tried Hyaluronidase to Remove With No Results.

Hi sorry if my English is not good I hope that someone can read this. I've let my mouth corners to inject restylane to lifts in March, but there were... READ MORE

No Results at All with Restylane. Could the Product Have Gone Inert?

I had Restylane injected into the perpendicular lines above my upper lip last week. So far NO RESULTS. Could the product have been inert? There was... READ MORE

Restylane Not Working for Some "Lines" Under Eyes, Should I Try Laser?

I have been getting restylane for lower eye creases, and the doctor has mosty injected on the inner eye area. He seems to be unable to get rid of some... READ MORE

Did I just waste hundreds of dollars on fillers? (Photo)

Two weeks ago, I had half a syringe of Restalyne placed under each eye in my tear troughs. I had minimal swelling & zero bruising. My doctor was... READ MORE

Why does not Restylane tear trough work? (photos)

On the 29th of June I had my first treatment with restylane tear trough (0.5 ml). The doctor told me that I would see results in a while. As you see... READ MORE

No results after swelling went down from lip aug. 3 days after injection my lips are back to normal. Why is this? (Photo)

I had half a syringe of restalyne injected in my lips 3 days ago. All of the swelling has gone down and I don't notice any difference. My lips appear... READ MORE

48 hours and hyaluronidase has not dissolved Restylane. Next steps?

I had a bad restylane injection. It was placed wrong and an overfill. I went back to PS and asked to have it dissolved. I'm worried as it's been 48... READ MORE

I had restalyne pearl injected in my lips four weeks ago, and they have gone back to normal. I have lupus. Is this why?

I have pictures but not sure how to upload. We used the first syringe and I went back one week later and we finished off the rest of the syringe. I'm... READ MORE

Bruising 4 months post Restylane Injections to tear troughs? (Photo)

I got Restylane fillers to my tear trough 4 months ago and instead of looking better, I actually look worse as the bruising has not faded 4 months... READ MORE

How can I get my lips to look like this? Why did my Restylane hardly work? (Photo)

I recently got restylane to even out my lips and help grow them. For some reason it didn't work much. A whole syringe was injected. It was nice the... READ MORE

Why didn't Restylane work? (Photo)

Hello all! I got restylane treatment for my smile lines last September and I loved it while it was swollen and freshly done but two weeks after they... READ MORE

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