Restylane Disappears in 2.5 Weeks?

I used Restylane 3 times. Always full 1 cc in 1 visit. 1st time it was injected in upper lip and smile lines. It disapear in 2.5 weeks. 2nd time I did the same-R. disappears in the same period of time. 3rd time I injected the same ammount mostly in upper lip and 15% in lower lip. It disappears in 2 weeks... Please recomend what other filler I can use insted to last longer? Spent alot of money...Different doctors...Thank you 

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Restylane and treatment to lips

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Restylane lasts longer than 2 weeks, even to the lip area. If you haven't followed up with your provider to determine what is happening, that's the first step. Before and after photo's might help with the assessment too.

Restylane disappearing after 2 weeks

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It is highly unlikely that the Restylane disappeared after 2 weeks. The 'result' that you noticed after treatment was probably due to post-injection swelling, which resolved after 2 weeks. You probably need more filler for the result that you desire. I see that you only had 1 cc injected each time -- in my experience, this is sufficient for some patients, but many others need more for an improved correction. One syringe is usually a very subtle change. 

Ryan Greene, MD, PhD
Fort Lauderdale Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 83 reviews

Rystylane issues

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1cc of Restylane is a very small amount for the lip area.  You are constantly moving your mouth, so fillers will tend to disappear in a shorter time than if placed in an area that does not move.  Usually Restylane last anywhere from 4 to 6 months.  You may consider a lip implant, which would be permanent. 

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Restylane and absorption

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It is highly unlikley that the restylane dissappeared in two - three weeks.  It usually lasts  about 6 months. I would compare pre and post treatment photos.

Something is very wrong here.

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Out of curiosity, did your physician take before and after photos? Without these images it is impossible to know were you started and where you are after 3 ml.  I assure you that it is not possible to be injected with 3 ml of Restylane in the mouth and have it all "disappear" in a couple of weeks.  Without photographs, it is your memory against that of your physician.  Please consider posting your photograph.  That would provide a great deal of information.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 26 reviews

Complete loss of restylane results in weeks

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It is highly unlikely to have complete loss of improvement in a matter of weeks. For the lips, you would want to keep with a hyaluronic acid - either juvederm or restylane. Some patients react better to one over the other. For the smile lines a small amount of radiesse or juvederm may help.

Restylane should last much longer than 2.5 weeks in the lips

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While it's true that the products does not last as long in areas of motion (e.g. lips), 2.5 weeks is a very short timeframe. It may be possible that you had too little product injected at a time. 

Toward the tail end of the treatment session and for a few days after, some patients can experience pretty dramatic swelling. This may obscure what the eventual result will look like and may lead to undertreatment. The studies done by the manufacturer state that younger patients tended to swell more than older patients. In addition, the patient satisfaction part of the study showed that patients eventually liked the increase in volume afforded by at least 2vials (2cc) of product. This included touch-up sessions (Take that with a grain of salt since the study was funded by the company that makes the product).

One key element that was missing from your story was the length of time that elapsed between treatments. If it was months, then I would think that undertreatment could be the reason. Another filler that you could use is Juvederm which is a similar filler. Other fillers like Radiesse are not indicated in the lip. Head for the door if a provider offers to put it there.

Michael Kim, MD

Michael M. Kim, MD
Portland Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 40 reviews

On Average Restylane Lasts 4-6 months

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Typically Restylane lasts 4-6 months.  However, individual results may vary and this might not be the ideal filler for you.  Radiesse is a thicker filler that stimulates your own collagen production, for longer lasting results.  Sculptra is a facial injectable that replaces lost collagen over time and results can last up to 2 years.  You might want to try these products next time.

Kathleen M. Welsh, MD
San Francisco Dermatologist

It should last longer

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Fillers differ in their longevity depending on their type and their chemical composition.  Their clinical longevity, i.e. what is perceived as lasting on your skin, may also differ depending on the location treated and somewhat on individual patients.  Having said that, 2.5 weeks for Restyline do not seem correct.

Chang Son, MD
Englewood Dermatologist

Restylane disappearing early?

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Restylane should not absorb in just a few weeks after injection.  Most likely you had quite a bit of swelling with your injections, and that swelling---once resloved----left you feeling like you had lost the fullness of the Restylane.  Speak to your doctor.  Usually, pre-op photos are taken so you can compare to see if indeed you have received some benefit.  I have personally never seen Restylane, or any filler, disappear that quickly.

Peter Marzek, MD
Leesburg Plastic Surgeon

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