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The right & left side of my top lip is uneven in size/shape. How do I fix this and make my lips more even & symmetrical? (photo)

The left side of my lip is full and round and the right side is a much thinner shape especially the bottom half and indented. I also have a "snaggle"... READ MORE

Top Lip Swollen and Severe Pain in my Whole Face After Restylane? (photo)

Restylane injected in top lip only, the first few hours and day it was swollen and bruised (obviously) and it eventualy went down. I was given arnica... READ MORE

I Have Facial Asymmetry from Restylane Injection in Scar - when Will It Go Away?

I had a syringe of Restylane injected by my Dr. into a dent in my cheek from a cyst. I realize now that it was not a good candatite for Restalyne as... READ MORE

Should I Have Restylane Filler for my Upper Eyelid After Asymmetry from Blepharoplasty for Lash Ptosis

Hello, In 08/09 , I had a blepharoplasty done on both of my upper eyelids because I was experiencing discomfort from the eyelashes rubbing against my... READ MORE

Can Restylane Be Used on Nasal Base Area?

Could Restylane be used immediately underneath one nostril to correct (or test the correction of) an asymmetry? READ MORE

Restylane Injection Done Incorrectly?

I had half a syringe of Restylane put under both eyes to decrease the tired look. That was 3 weeks ago and it's already back to the tired think... READ MORE

I Have Already Had a Full Syringe of Restylane in the Tear Trough and Still Need More!

I still show an indentation (w/puffiness) on ONE side of my face, right above my cheek. I hesitate to put more--where is it all going? The filler was... READ MORE

Skinny Face. Fillers Before Wedding?

HI, I have lost about 6 kilos after having my baby 12 months ago. i was 55 kg but I am now 47.5 kg .I am getting married in 3 months and was wanting... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Results w/ Restylane - Free Correction?

After my doctor injected me with 3 serynges of Restlyane, under my nose and in the parenthesis around my mouth, the right side is visibly more puffed... READ MORE

Restylane around eyes has not completely dissolved after 15 months. How much longer must I wait?

A PS injected Restylane into my tear troughs and upper eyelids did an awful job and caused severe injury. After having the filler dissolved 6 times, I... READ MORE

Removal of Fat from Face?

I'd like to have facial symmetry by extracting fat from my left cheek which I thought it was restalyne residue. Restalyne was part of other... READ MORE

Did I cause a lump after Restylane?

I had restylane in my lips four hours ago. Immediately after I noticed that one side looked fuller than the other so I tried massaging the side with... READ MORE

Can an HA filler, restylane or perlane, be wiped away during revision rhinoplasty surgery as the surgeon stated?

The surgeon recommended an HA filler be placed in very small amounts to augment small dip on side of bridge and to even out slight tip asymmetry.This... READ MORE

Scar tissue after Restylane lip injection? (photos)

Hi!I got lip injections 3 months ago and about month ago started noticing a lump above my upper lip.(don't mind the asymmetry,thats how my lips are).... READ MORE

1 week after Restylane in lips, is the balance okay? (photos)

Given there is some asymmetry (which Dr will address in two days) - other than that is the volume sufficient? Also, what type of lips do I have? The... READ MORE

Very asymmetrical swelling night of Restylane injections? (photos)

Not going to lie, right after the injections were done (just one syringe for upper+lower lip), my lips weren't swollen and they looked great. However... READ MORE

14 days post Restylane. How does it look? (Photo)

I went to my doctor ,he is an americAn board certified plastic surgeon he ironed out the filler and also told me that he wud wait 2 weeks . Actually... READ MORE

Will Restylane be the best thing right now to help my eyelid asymmetry following Asian bleph? (photos)

It's been two years following my ptosis and combined eyelid surgery on my right eye and my crease was made too high. My eyelid looks thick and... READ MORE

Can a filler to correct prominent nasal folds result in an asymetrical unsmoothed look?

Facial skin enhancement: Fillers seem to last a long time and because of this if a filler shows an uneven lumpy effect it would not be a good thing to... READ MORE

How or who can get my lips symmetrical again? This is giving me nightmares

After 1 syringe of restylane. I waited over a month for lumps and swelling to go down, and I still have lumpy lips. I went back for the 2nd time and... READ MORE

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