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Pain, Hardness, Difficulty Smiling After Restylane Lip Injections

I had Restylane injected into my lips 13 hours ago. The redness has went away, but the pain is unbearable still. My lips feel hard and pouty (I like... READ MORE

Restylane Caused Pouches Above Cheekbones

I had restylane 15 months ago and have half moon like pouches right above my cheekbones. I was just wondering if this was permanent? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Juvederm, Restylane Fillers if You Previously Had Teosyal Ultra Deep?

Is it safe to use Juvederm, Restylane fillers if you previously had Teosyal ultra deep injected? Teosyal was injected 16 months ago and wondering if... READ MORE

How Long Does Restylane Last in Upper Eyelids?

Hello, I had Restylane injected in my upper eyelids in May of 2011, however it still seems that there is a small amount of "bumpage" in the areas it... READ MORE

What is causing swelling/ puffiness months after Restylane tear trough filler? (photo)

I am a 33 year old female, I received Restylane tear trough injections about 16 months ago from a board certified plastic surgeon. I had no issues and... READ MORE

Allergy or True Long-term Swelling After Restylane?

After injections of Restylane in the N/L folds, the lower face swelled, but when it was also injected under the eyes, the lower face became extremely... READ MORE

Swelling and Redness a Year After Restylane Normal?

It's been about a year since my last restylane injection and out of the blue, I developed redness, soreness and swelling in my tear trough. Is this... READ MORE

Bluish Half Moon After Restylane Under Eyes

I had restylane 14 months ago. I have a bluish half moon indentation under my right eye. I went back 2 times to have some of the restylane removed... READ MORE

Does Restylane sometimes accentuate under eye bags? I have some hollowness under both of my eyes.

About a year ago I got Restylane injected in my tear trough area about a year ago from a renowned plastic surgeon who specialized in the injections. I... READ MORE

When will Restylane dissolve completely on its own? PS destroyed tear trough 15 months ago and I still have lumps/ridges (Photo)

PS misplaced filling tear trough and overfilled area, severely injuring one eye. I had it dissolved 6 times elsewhere and they said they couldn't... READ MORE

Can dermal filler cause nerve damage to the cheek and tongue area? This might sound crazy but I've had a dermal filler injection

Near my nasolabials and bellow my cheek bones, he started having pain in that place and my neck (persistent numbness and pain in the lower cheek part... READ MORE

What do think this lump under my eye is? I had restalyne about a year ago and now I have this ugly lump when I smile. (photo)

About a year ago I had restalyne under my eyes and the eye that has the lump was significantly more bruised than the other eye when I had it done. Now... READ MORE

Is it normal to have swelling a year after Restylane injections? (Photo)

Ok, so a year later after restylane injections and I'm swollen all over again? This has been an issue with the product for me, but a YEAR? I went sun... READ MORE

Restylane in tear troughs NOT dissolving years later. Any suggestions? (photos)

I received restylane injections years ago and was never really satisfied with the results. I received some injections to dissolve some of the... READ MORE

Do I need filler in these lines or is this caused by poor placement in cheeks? (Photo)

I had restylane injected in tear troughs & something thicker (I think sculptra) done in my cheeks over a year ago. When I smile, I have a deep... READ MORE

Restylane injected in eye bags and now Doctor claims I developed Xanthelasma. What can I do? (Photo)

I had restylane injected to fix my eye bags and now there is this weird bump where he injected a year later. He claims that I conincidentally... READ MORE

Sensitive Nose After Sub Q Restylane Normal?

I had a nose restylane last year Aug, but suddenly got some infection symptoms after skin laser, so took medicines and injections . All pain went... READ MORE

Residual dermal filler. Is there any way to get rid of it?

I'm 60yrs old and had my undereye hollows filled with restylane about 16 months ago. In addition I had some juvederm in the area where my outer eye... READ MORE

Restylane Tyndall Hardening

I had restylane injected to forehead almost 1 year ago. Results were great but as the effect is wearing off im noticing a blue tint, could tyndall... READ MORE

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