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How Much Does Quick Lift Cost?

I'd like to know the quick lift cost before considering the procedures any further READ MORE

Quick Lift Vs. Lifestyle Lift: What's the Difference?

What's the difference between a Quicklift and a Lifestyle Lift? I have read about the Lifestyle Lift with major complications like hematomas,... READ MORE

Quick Lift Side Effects?

What are the long term side effects of a Quicklift? How long do they last? Will my face age normally after the surgery? READ MORE

What to Do About Asymmetry After Quick Lift?

I am very unhappy with my Quick Lift results. My face whole face is now asymmetrical, despite that my doctor thinks I look great. I don't like that... READ MORE

Average Cost of Quick Lift Procedure?

I live in kansas city. What is the average cost of a quick lift. Is there another procedure for excessive neck skin. READ MORE

Am I Qualified for Quick Lift?

I am 63 years old. I had Facelift 1996 at 50. I have false teeth and 2 stents in my heart. Do I qualify for a Quick lift? READ MORE

What is the difference in a "lite" lift and a quick lift?

I live in the south.  I'm unable to find a doctor anywhere that does a "lite" lift; I believe it is similar to the Lifestyle lift... READ MORE

How Long Does the Quicklift Last?

I am a 56 year old female. I do not have a sagging neck just deep pores and wrinkles around my mouth. READ MORE

Is 37 Too Young for a Quick Lift?

I don't mind natural age wrinkles but I think my developing jowels & loosening skin make me look older than I really am. Do people my age normally... READ MORE

Difference Between Quick Lift and Standard Lift?

It seems like some look worse under the eyes, some still have jowls, some even look better before? The only difference i see is the hanging turkey... READ MORE

Bumps Three Months After Quicklift? (photo)

I had a short scar facelift (Quicklift) 3 months ago and there are hard "bumps" along the permanent suture line (it is also... READ MORE

Ethibond Suture Removal Due to Allergy, Persistent Pain and Swelling?

I had a Quicklift on 3-28-12 and neck liposuction. I had abnormal pain and swelling with a diagnosis of Ethibond suture allergy. He removed them at 12... READ MORE

Is a Light Lift the Same As a Quicklift?

Is threading done on a light lift as in a quicklift? READ MORE

Breast lift and tt scarring? Bbl same time. Removal of breast bumps? Los Angeles Ca area.

Need bl and smaller, full b. What type of scar needed? Can these bumps on areola b removed?Looks like 5 nipples. how low for tummy tuck scar? Below my... READ MORE

Post quick face/neck lift 13 weeks. Problems

13 weeks post face and neck lift. Quick lift performed under sedation and local. Smas very tight but skin of my neck very loose. Red line right round... READ MORE

Would a Quick Lift or Lifestyle Lift get rid of these lines? (Photos)

I'm 65. How long would the lift last and about how much would it cost? READ MORE

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