Photofacial lasers or cosmelan treatment? (Photos)

Hi docs, please help! Is it the dreaded melasma that I have? Would BBL or Halo lasers do my pigmentation any good? there are so many treatments like Q-switched, dual yellow lasers, cosmelan, hydroquinone, obagi etc that claim to effectively tame melasma that I am so confused..

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Halo Laser and BBL is the Answer

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I believe your best bet is the combined BBL and halo treatments. In between 3-4 BBL treatments you will have, I would use the best blanching cream available to get the maximum result. You will have to protect your skin with high SPF value sun creams and you might need to repeat the treatments every couple of years.

Birmingham Plastic Surgeon


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Melasma is a difficult problem for certain- I have had excellent results with Halo- at times I combine BBL & Halo.  Halo is amazing for deeper pigment- heals in a few days and has treated pigment nothing else could touch.  There is also a PCA pure retinol peel I use for melasma patients that works in conjunction with the lasers.  The peel has no downtime- it will peel- really peel - but you can wear make up through it.  

Melanie L. Petro, MD
Birmingham Facial Plastic Surgeon
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