Halo treatment for face, neck and chest, can I do all at the same time?

I am thinking about doing all three areas at once but am a little nervous......

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Safety of Halo for Face, Neck and Chest - Yes!

I was fortunate to receive the first Halo prototype and have been working with the technology since before it's production release, now almost 3 years. I also did the initial treatments and protocol research for neck and chest.

My practice is laser focused with a lot of laser (mostly Halo) and full-field resurfacing. I feel strongly that people get their best aesthetic result when their face, neck and chest match and they have healthy radiant skin throughtout. 70% of my patients do treat their face, neck and chest in the same session and we do these treatments every single day.

I believe from personal and my patient's experience that high density/depth Halo or any other light/laser treatment on the neck and chest is uncomfortable and I want my patients to be as comfortable as possible. I will also full resurface face/neck/chest in the same session and for that it is absolutely necessary to use topical over all.

I do have patients use topical over face, neck and chest with a few caveats:

They must be otherwise healthy with no reason for hepatic compromise (and this involves reviewing their social habits, medications and supplements)

I only use lower lidocaine topicals in this area with blends of benzocaine, lower concentration lidocaine compounded. I also always have my compounding pharmacist use a vasoconstrictor - I use phenylephrine, but I know people who are using clobetasol.

I also supplement this regimen with Zimmer/cooling, oral analgesia and relaxation (I usually use hydrocodone, atarax, and ativan, although I know many offices do not do this), so the patient is less dependent on topical only for their comfort. The goal is that patients be as comfortable as possible.

Hope this helps you and your patients get the best results!

Incline Village Physician
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Halo on face, neck, and chest at the same time.

My wife ( an advanced practice nurse) and I perform Halo Pro procedures on the face, neck, and chest in one treatment frequently at our clinic. We are careful not to use too much numbing cream so usually apply it to the face and neck, but use only the Zimmer cooler for the chest. We have not had anyone who could not tolerate using only the cold air for the chest and have been having great results.

If you choose someone who is experienced in using the Halo laser by Sciton, it should be fine and a procedure that produces noticeable results.

Billy Ledbetter, MD
Austin Physician
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Halo treatment

Your question is whether you could do a Halo treatment of face, neck and chest. The answer is absolutely yes. Just have to be careful of the topical anesthetic being too much. I would use the anesthetic on the face but not the neck and chest and just let the cold air provide the anesthesia on the neck and chest.

Halo is a hybrid fractional laser by Sciton- both non-ablative and ablative fractional at the same time. Its very effective and results are seen in 1-2 sessions

Jason Pozner, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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