Is it necessary to massage nose after rhinoplasty? 1 month post op

I did 2nd asian nose revision self rib, alloderm and ear cartilage for tip + alloderm for bridge. Dr told to press down with 2 fingers and release, from upper bridge and work my way down to the tip for 4 months. is massage really necessary? my tip is very round and swollen, i dont know if massage will benefit or not

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Thank you for your question. You should not be massaging your nose. The most important thing for the recovery of the nose includes, head elevation to prevent swelling, restricting activities which could cause a rise in blood pressure and cause nose bleeds, and using ice to reduce swelling. Please refer to the recovery instructions provided by your surgeon as you should be following the direction of the individual who performed your surgery. Please discuss any questions you may have with your surgeon.

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Massaging the nose after rhinoplasty

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I find this very inadvisable. The softening of the nose occurs naturally. Vigorous massage can dislodge or displace the cartilage elements of the nose, which is the primary, defining structure for  shaping.

Talmage Raine MD

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