Lip fillers causing skin tissue - permanently bigger lips?

if i get fillers 2x a year for a long period, will i end up with skin tissue or anything that will make the lip permanently bigger than it was before fillers? I dont feel like fillers are lasting much on me, but then again i dont do it often

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Lip Fillers

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It has been my experience that if used at least twice or three times a year the Hyaluronic acid fillers do tend to have a prolonged effect.  Some patients have almost a permanent augmentation after several years of consistent fillers.

Lip fillers

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Hi and thanks for your question. The most common fillers we use for lips are HA fillers which usually last 7-9 month but it gradually stimulate your skin to produce collagen under your skin and you might give you longer lasting effects.

Collagen Synthesis: Look Beneath the Surface

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There are various types of filler and it can be used in various locations of the face.  Based on your question, you are only referring to filler in the lips.  I am also assuming that you are using one of the more conventional fillers such as Hyleronic Acid.  As such, in my opinion, that is the preferred filler to use for the lips.  Other injectors may use different fillers and the effects may differ from what I am about to say here.  With the use of Hyleronic Acid, the local area will become hydro-phyllic (water attracting).  Further, the repeated use of Hyleronic Acid filler in the lips will have a mild-to-moderate collagen stimulus effect in the structures beneath the skin.  As this natural filler dissolves away, the production of your own collagen will create fullness that was not there prior to any filler use.

In addition, the water attracting quality of this particular filler remains to a small extent.  This also will add a plumpness to the area than without ever having received filler.  So, all of what I have described, generally occurs with repeated regular filler treatments and not usually just after one or two times.  The skin itself is not stretched.

David Owers, MD
Vancouver Physician

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