Aczone before IPL?

I am going to be getting an IPL treatment on my face next week and was wondering if I needed to stop using Aczone (dapsone), which I use for acne, before the treatment. I know that many acne medications cause photosensitivity but I haven't found anything to indicate that Aczone does.

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Dapsone with IPL

Thank you for your question Lexio. Dapsone is a medication commonly used to treat acne. Dapsone is not known to be a photosensitizing medication so there should be no contraindication for IPL treatment. Please consult with your doctor for specific recommendations for you. Good luck!

Encino Physician
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Aczone IPL Photofacials

In our office, we do not have patients stop Aczone before IPL.  Please check with the office team that is treating you to confirm their preference.

Anita Saluja, MD
Melbourne Dermatologist
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