7 Years Post Jaw Surgery, Long Philtrum and Long Nose. Should I Get a Nose Job, Lip Lift, Both? (photo)

I had both upper and lower orthognathic surgery 7 years ago and both my nose and philitrum have lengthened since 1. Would a tip rhinoplasty my long nose? 2. I have no upper tooth display when my lips are parted and look very awkward when I speak. Would a lip lift help? Would my speech be affected? 3. I now have longer colds, acute bronchitis, and sinus pressure headaches. Is it possible for 1 surgeon to perform all these procedures at once? How long is recovery? Anything covered by insurance?

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7 Years

Cheiloplasty, lip lifts and rhinoplasty all may play a role for your current condition.  Please seek a board certified Head & Neck Surgeon who is also a Facial Cosmetic Surgeon.

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Long upper lip after jaw surgery

There are only 2 ways to improve this.  Both are lip lifts.  If the incision is made just where the nose meets the lip you will get some improvement.  If f the incision is made where the whiteeets the red of your lip you will get much more improvement but will have a fine line scar there

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Orthognathic Surgery Correction

It is hard to say what has occurred without without seeing your pre-op photos.  It sounds as if you may have had your maxilla (upper jaw) impacted or "moved up" a little high causing these issues.  Like I said, it is impossible to confirm this without pre op photos and cephalometric analysis of x-rays as well as post op analysis.  The procedures you speak may not address your concerns.  Seek out the advice of a Board Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon for a consultation.  He/she will be able to correct any of these issues for you and yes those procedures can be done at the same time.  Insurance coverage is possible if the doctor deems it medically necessary

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