What Are the Average Settings for Darker Skin with the Nd Yag.

I had a consult for laser hair removal and the laser was discussed for my skin type. I would like to know what the average settings are for darker skin with the yag to compare what will be used at my appointment for treatment.

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I agree with Dr. Pozner, see an expert!

Hair removal with lasers is not as simple as making a cake.  It depends on the laser, your skin type, the size, depth and color of the hair etc.  Go see a specialist who can make all of the critical decisions to give you a great treatment.

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Settings for darker skin hair removal depend upon laser used

It is very difficult to compare settings across lasers. Each laser is a bit different and even lasers from the same company have differences. In general for darker skin hair removal energies are lower and pulse width is longer.  Best advice is to go to an experienced laser place.

Jason Pozner, MD
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