Is Laser Treatment Safe for Patient with Chronic Fatigue?

I am a 39 year old woman considering having facial thread veins removed by laser (YAG) treatment. I noted that auto-immune conditions are often excluded as contraindications. I have M.E. /C.F.S. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), although it is not currently clear if this is an auto-immune condition.

Would it be safe for me to undergo laser treatment, and what are the risks?

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Have a test area of laser first to make sure it's safe for you

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When patients have autoimmune conditions, there may be a risk of poor wound healing after any type of treatment. While this is unlikely, it may be prudent to have a small area of veins treated first as a "test spot". That way, you and your physician will know how your skin responds to the laser. Be sure you have your treatment with an experienced physician.

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