Yag Laser Treatment - Venous Malformation (Tongue, Lip, Cheek, Palate, Neck)? (photo)

I have a very large venous malformation that comprises a good portion of the right side of my face/neck/tongue. I am having a Yag treatment(s) performed on the areas that he can get to - which are the lower inner lip, tongue, inner cheek, palate and neck (This is the first part of a multi-prong treatment). My question is - how much swelling/blistering is common? I am a little worried about my tongue becoming too swollen to breath or swallow. I am fine with the other parts. Thanks in advance.

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Venous malformation

I am slightly concerned where this malformation leads to. I would see a head and neck surgeon to see if any radiologic studies should be done first. There are hospitals that have conferences which are attended by radiologists, laser surgeons  and plastic surgeons to discuss cases such as yours. If there is a medical school in your area call them and see if this exists.

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Treatment of AV malformation of the lip, tongue, cheek with lasers ... Buffalo Niagara, NY

I am less concerned about the lip and more about the presence of these malformations in the tongue, cheek, palate ... I agree that this requires a multidisciplinary approach with ENT, laser specialists, dermatologists, interventional radiologists and imaging radiologists ... 

The lip lesion can easily be treated with a long pulse laser or q switched laser. 

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Should be minimal swelling and bruising.

In general laser treatments result in some degree of bruising, blistering and swelling but these are usually minimal and well tolerated.The treatments are usually given at intervals of 3 to 6 weeks.  From the picture shown, you would be expected to tolerate the procedure well. The amount of bruising will be dependent  on the extent of the treatment and the extent of your malformation.  Discuss any concerns further with your treating physician.

John Landi, MD
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