My Children Have Broken Capillaries on Their Faces & my Daughter Also Has Cysts on Her Eyelid?

We've been blessed with three beautiful children. Two of our children 5yrs and 3yrs have broken capillaries on their cheeks. Our 5 yr old also has eczema, keratosis pilaris, hives, warts and cysts. As a a baby she suffered from ptosis. Two of them are suffering with molluscum contagiosum at the moment. We're a very clean family with no pets! Our 5 yr old is currently being picked on for broken capillaries. Is there anything that can be done? I can see where this may lead to low self esteem. Thanks

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In adults, capillaries on the skin are easily treated with lasers or IPL ... Buffalo Niagara, NY

Adult patients are routinely treated with lasers and IPL for facial capillaries. 

Children have very sensitive and fragile skin and therefore it is prudent to see a pediatric dermatologist who can give you further guidance. 

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Children and Broken Capillaries, Cysts

Thank you for your question. You need to be followed by a board certified dermatologist specializing in pediatric issues.  The capillaries can be treated with a V-Beam if the skin pigment is compatible.  Your dermatologist should be able to guide your through your vascular options.  Lasers can reduce vessels in dramatic fashion. I hope this helps.

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