What is Wrong with my Nose? Bump Started to Form? (photo)

Had a straight nose until I was around 14, no have grown a dorsal hump. Past 2 months been having strong nose bride pain and trouble breathing. I have taken 2 sinuses medication ITS NOT SINUSES.

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Hump on Your Nose

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When you hit puberty, there are many changes to the shape of your face that take place.  Included in this is a change in your nose.  It goes from a child looking nose (shorter, flat, larger nostrils) to your adult nose.  In those who are genetically determined to have a hump, this is the time that it will begin to appear.  This is something easily fixed with a rhinoplasty, in this case I would probably recommend a dorsal rhinoplasty only without anything done to the tip.  Having said that, don't do anything until your facial growth is complete.  This usually correlates with when you finish growing upward.

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Nasal hump

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 The nasal hump is genetic and is composed of both bone and cartilage. It becomes worse when repetitive trauma to the nose occurs and makes the junction between the bone and cartilage growth callus. The only treatment is a rhinoplasty. A septoplasty may be needed for improvement of airflow is medical management has failed to improve the congestion.

Nasal bump, hump, growth

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The most common cause for a dorsal hump is genetics.  When someone reaches adolescence and begins to go through puberty the body against to take on adult characteristics including changes in the facial features.  In the absence of trauma to your nose I would suspect that if you look at your parents nose is there would be any dorsal hump on at least one of their noses.  A nasal injury or fracture can also cause a hump to develop as the bone heals.  This would be in line with the fact that there is some pain on the nasal dorsum.  If you are bothered by the bump I would consider surgery to have it removed once you have completed participating in contact sports or activities where you may injure your nose. I discourage the expectation that nasal surgery may eliminate the pre-existing pain.  If there is no history of trauma and the sinus x-rays are normal the pain can occasionally come from a severe deviation of the nasal septum which you're Dr. would have been able to see. Before doing anything consult with your parents and partake of there wisdom.

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