What is wrong with my lower lip following lower Facelift surgery? It isn't working properly.

I had a lower facelift one year ago. My problem is that when I smile my bottom lip goes under my top teeth. This is especially troublesome when I try to talk while laughing and smiling. I put so much effort into trying to talk but it is noticeable that I'm trying to move my bottom lip so that I can articulate. I'm so frustrated. Were the muscles surrounding my bottom lip not positioned properly? Most importantly, can this be corrected? Thanks so much for reading.

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Funny smile after facelift?

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You could have had the nerve that pulls down the corner of the mouth (the marginal mandibular nerve, a branch of the facial nerve) injured.  I would discuss with your surgeon, but the best option would be to go to a facial nerve center, where there is a multi-disciplinary team that can address the issue.  You can go to this site to find out more: healthcare.utah.edu/ent/facial-nerve-center.

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Lower Lip Motion

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Although pictures and an examination would be much more helpful, your description is suggestive of injury to a branch of the facial nerve (marginal mandibular branch). Marginal mandibular nerve injury is usually temporary, recovering within 6 weeks to one year.  No improvement at 12 months is somewhat concerning and is best evaluatedby your operating Surgeon.

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Always go back to your orignal surgeon if possible

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This is a classic problem that clearly bothers you and is a mystery.    I do not know why you have what you have,   I guess you could have had some nerve changes but bilateral is rare.   You need to go back to your original surgeon and get an assessment.   Then visit 2 other ABPS certified surgeons for more opinions.  You might consider putting pictures of yourself on RealSelf so we can all clearly see what the problem actually is. Mystified at this point.  My Best,  Dr C

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