Should I Have my Axillary Lipoma Removed?

I was just diagnosed with an axillary lipoma in the lymph node under my arm. The biopsy confirmed it is benign. The surgeon feels we should just monitor it closely with ultrasounds every 3 months. I am afraid of it turning malignant, mostly because my Grandmother died from breast cancer. What is my best course of action for this situation?

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Axillary Lipoma Removal

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I think it is safe for you to follow this. Particularly since your surgeon said the biopsy is ok.

New Orleans General Surgeon

Remove Axillary Lipoma

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True lipomas turn malignant only rarely (if at all...there is even some question about that).  And the malignancy would not be breast cancer (it would be a liposarcoma).  That being said, removing it sounds like the best approach for your physical health and peace of mind.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. E

Axillary Lymph Node - Remove or Follow?

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Both approached sound reasonable. If you are very concerned then it might be best to simply remove it. Discuss with your surgeon.

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