I Have Had Four Surgeries for Multiple Lipomas. I Now Have About 100 Scars. What Are my Options?

I need to figure out another option so I don't have so many scars. I understand that excision is the best option and I am very pleased with 2 out of the 4 surgeries. I just don't want to have a bunch more scars. I am a 28 yr old male and am very active. I know liposuction is an option but I do not want to have skin dimpling or any other damage. The scars fade over time but it's getting to the point where it is too much. Any advice would help out. Thank you.

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Multiple lipomas

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Multiple (familial) lipomas can be an issue as new ones grow ever so often and even more so when they are uncomfortable or painful. Most of the time they are  relatively small (marble sized).

Excising them with an incision that is as long as the lipoma is the easiest and the fastest way but not giving a  reasonable cosmetic result.  There are certainly more creative ways: Liposuction if the lipoma has a certain minimal size, removing the fat and "lining" of the lipoma though a small incision, removing them in "groups" through one incision. I am not aware of any other  (proven) way to treat them than surgery.

Discuss your concerns with a Plastic Surgeon. I am sure he will find ways to make this a more acceptable experience for you

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Treatment for multiple lipomas

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May want to consider SmartLipo, especially if you have several relatively close to each other.  The scar is smaller that a typical liposuction access scar. Sometimes conventional liposuction hard to do because the lipomas are so small.

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