I had a septoplasty surgery over 2 years ago. Now constantly feel like I need to clear my throats and throats get irritated.

I had my surgery over 2 years ago and my breathing I still great. Clear as it should be. However, I constantly feel like I need to clear my throat. No matter what I do it doesn't help. My doctor said it could be dry mouth do to medication but I do t have dry mouth. My mouth salivates fine. It almost fee like there is a thick mucus that constantly slowly drain in my throats and irritates it. Sometimes I try to clear it so much it ends up getting sore. What in the world is going on? Thanks!

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Throat issue after surgery

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What you describe may be a symptom called globus.   This is usually caused by  larygophayngeal reflux,  or LPR.   It is very commom.   Have you discussed this with your ENT?   

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