Blowing nose hours after septoplasty.

My doctor never told me I couldn't blow my nose - that I remember! :) My friend who is a RN nurse said I could blow gently. I've blown gently without actually touching my nose, just to relieve snot. Should I go back to my surgeon immediately or wait until our follow up in 6 days?

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Thank you for your question. We advise patients not to blow their nose after surgery. It can cause bleeding and delay the healing process. I would follow up with your doctor on what his post op instructions are. Your doctor will also be able to help clean out your nose without causing any damage.

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Blowing Nose Immediately after Septoplasty? No

It's definitely not a good idea to blow your nose after nasal septoplasty, unless your surgeon says that it is ok to do so. You run the risk of nose bleeds, infection and poor healing from your septoplasty by blowing, touching, picking your nose or exercising too soon. However, many patients need frequent follow up appointments so that the physician can decongest and clean the nose. In the office any crusts, scabs or mucous can be safely removed by your doctor.  Please contact your physician and arrange for a visit today. Your surgeon will tell you when it is safe to resume nose blowing. 

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