Can You Widen the Length of Your Lips?

When I have my mouth closed, the length of my lips from side to side is extremely short (ie. around the span of my nose). I have heard that there are ways of correcting this that are similar to that used for a microstomia (commissuroplasty) where corners of the mouth are taken back. Do you think this would achieve a good result? Also, when I smile would the muscle pull from the new corners of the mouth or where the old corners of the mouth were... this is my main concern? Thanks in advance

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Thank you for the question. A photograph would be very helpful. Usually, commissuroplasty is reserved for reconstruction because the result is almost never perfect. To date, plastic surgery has not developed the perfect procedure to make a modiolus. There are many flaps that can be used and the relults can be average but it is rare to have excellent results. Therefore, if it is only for cosmetic purposes, I would advise against commissuroplasty.

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i advise you against doing this if this is purely for cosmetic reasons. if you are eating and not losing weight the procedure is not indicated

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
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