Wide Nose After Fat Transfer to Bridge of Nose

8 days ago I had fat injections to face and bridge of ski-sloped nose. My doctor injected entire bridge! My nose looks unnaturally wide and now see indention on the right next to tear trough making it appear more hollow. Has fat on bridge migrated down to side or could this be swelling? What to do?

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Swelling with Fat Transfer to Bridge of Nose

Fat transfer is associated with significant swelling and it is impossible to see at this time how effective the treatment has been. The long term correction would depend on the amount of fat which survives the transfer and "takes". Augmentation with a hyaluronic acid filler may have been preferable.

Unless your injector lifted the skin off the sides of the nose, there is NO chance the fat migrated sideways. However, due to the thin skin of the lids any bruising of the forehead or the nose will be visible under the thin skin of the eyelids.

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Unfortunately Jenny Craig, Diet and Exercise Won't Help With Nasal Fat Injection Swelling


You should discuss your concerns with the physician who injected the fat  in your nose.  There are many reasons why this is not a popular area for fat injections among both rhinoplasty surgeons as well as fat transfer physicians.  At this point, tincture of time is your best treatment, and of course follow your doctors advice.  If you lose trust in your doctor, then get a second opinion from a qualified rhinoplasty surgeon.  I hope that your swelling resolves quickly.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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Fat grafting to the nose and bridge

It is not likely that the fat migrated but more likely that there is some associated swelling. Most likely, it will resolve and yopu should notice a minimal, if any change, in the tip of the nose.

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Fat injection to the nasal bridge

Usually we avoid fat injection high on the bridge as it's close to the glabella zone of the forehead and use hyaluronic acids there. Although I don't do fat injections to the nasal bridge for that reason, I can say that swelling is expected and you won't be able to tell if the fat moved until the swelling lessens. See your doctor for reassurance.

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