Downtime after juvederm lip injections?

I'm 18 but it's really important that my parents don't know I'm getting lip injections. I will be away from them for about 24 hours after the injections. I'm wondering if 24 hours is typically when a majority of the swelling and bruising goes down? I'm only getting a 1/2 syringe too so it's not like I'm getting a lot. I'm also wondering if it would be helpful for me for reducing the chances of bruising by getting even less then my half syringe and going back another time later to get the rest.

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Swelling and bruising after lip injection is common

Even if a small amount of filler is injected, swelling and bruising are common side effects after lip injections, especially within the first 24 to 48 hours. Each person heals and recovers differently, but the lips usually take about 2 weeks to completely settle with the new product in them.  

Knowing how to reduce bruising and swelling prior to your next injection may help avoid them altogether. You can minimize bruising by not consuming certain ingredients that cause bruising such as green tea, ginger, and over-the-counter supplements like Omega‑3 pills. Icing the lips immediately after injections and repeated sessions of icing on the lips for the first 24 hours can help relieve symptoms quicker. Elevated sleeping the first night is recommended to reduce any swelling in the face and lips. Dermablend makeup may cover bruising. For the best results, be sure to choose an experienced, qualified professional to inject your lips.

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Consult with an experienced lip injector, for the best results.

After a JUVÉDERM® lip injection, swelling can typically take between 48 to 72 hours to subside. Even a small amount of JUVÉDERM® can cause considerable swelling as well as bruising, so it’s not likely that 24 hours after your injection, your parents won’t notice your lips. Applying ice or cold compresses can help to reduce swelling, and avoiding blood thinning medication such as aspirin several days before and after treatment can also help to manage swelling. For best results, consult with an experienced lip injector. Best of luck to you.

Juvederm Lip Injections

Often, a very small amount of Juvederm used for lip augmentation can cause noticeable postprocedure swelling and bruising, which is considered normal.  Swelling usually peaks 48-72 hours after injection.  We say the result you have immediately after the procedure is the expected result after all the swelling has resolved. So maybe you would actually be OK to see your parents the evening of the procedure but should go away the the second 24 hour period... Hope this was helpful!

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Lip Augmentation with Fillers or Lip Implant or Fat -- Go Slow, Use Cannulas

I tell people to have 2-3 weeks before planning big events with lip and eye injections because of the bruising / swelling risk.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Swelling after Juvederm

Hi ~ In general you can expect swelling to last 2-3 days after lip injections. It is likely you will still have significant swelling after 24hrs and other people could know you got injections. The amount of filler you get will not dramatically change the resolution of swelling so whether you get 1/2 syringe or a full one you will still have significant swelling. Good Luck.

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Swelling and Bruising After Lip Augmentation

Thank you for your question.  In general, even a very small amount of Juvederm used for lip augmentation can cause noticeable postprocedure swelling and bruising, which is considered normal.  Swelling usually peaks 48-72 hours after injection.  Icing is beneficial for up to 48 hours after the procedure.  Arnica is helpful for minimizing normal postprocedure swelling and bruising.  Please keep in mind that, even with a small amount of Juvederm, it will take 2 weeks for normal postprocedure swelling and bruising to resolve and to see your final result.  Please be sure to see an expert injector for an in-person consultation to fully discuss your concerns and your goals and expectations in order to determine the best treatment plan.  Hope this helps and best wishes!  

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Bruising and swelling after Juvederm

Thank you for your question plasticsurgerymaybe. Juvederm is a filler that can be used to enhance the lips. Bruising and swelling may occur after a filler treatment and can last up to two weeks, sometimes more. For my patients I recommend avoiding blood thinning medications such as aspirin a few days before and after a treatment to reduce the risk of bruising. Application of cold compresses before and after a treatment will decrease any swelling. Please consult with a doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

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Lip injections

Lip injections can lead to bruising and a lot of swelling.   It may take more than one or two days for the swelling to subside.

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