4 Weeks Post-op: When Will the Swelling, Tightness and Nipple Sensitivity go Away?

I am 4 weeks post op and I still have lots of swelling,, tightness and sensitivity of nipples and surrounding skin.

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Nipple sensitivity and swelling after breast augmentation

On average, after breast augmentation, swelling is mostly gone by 6 weeks.
Nipple sensitivity may persist for months but should be slowly improving.
Both swelling and nipple sensitivity are more marked and tend to last longer with larger implants. Best wishes.

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Swelling can last for months after breast augmentation

Thank you for your post. It is very common to be about a size bigger right after surgery than what your final result will be. Swelling starts to occur right after surgery and tends to peak in the first week. After about a month you will have lost most of the swelling, but still not completely at baseline. After about another 3 months or so, you will have lost 99% of your swelling, but still you have a pretty good idea at 1 month. I wouldn't spend a lot of money on bras until 3 months as they might not fit perfectly after all the swelling goes away. Also, the more activity you have, the longer the swelling stays, the more that needs to be done as far as lift etc. with surgery, the longer your swelling stays. Breast tenderness and hardness can also remain due to the swelling. the breasts should become much softer once the swelling is mostly gone. Also, it should be said that amount of swelling can vary from patient to patient. Some patients swelling a large amount, some very little. Best Wishes! Pablo Prichard, MD

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Breast implant swelling at 4 weeks see your plastic surgeon

Thank you for your question.  Although it may take 6 weeks to 3 months for your breast implants to reach their final position and nipple discomfort to resolve, significant swelling is unusual at 4 weeks.  I suggest she see her plastic surgeon.

Breast Augmentation 4 Weeks Post-Op

Thank you for your question. Swelling  typically diminishes at the 6 week point. That being said, the swelling may last up to 3 months. Nipple sensitivity can last a few weeks to a few months. Continue to follow your post-op instructions.


Dr. Rodgers

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Swelling and Nipple Sensitivity after Breast Augmentation

  • It is common to still have nipple sensitivity and some swelling 4 weeks after breast augmentation
  • With time, over the course of a few months, the tightness will resolve, and most likely the nipple sensitivity will resolve as well. 
  • The good news is that you still have nipple sensation, although hypersensitivity of the nipples can definitely be annoying. 
  • Thanks for sharing your concerns, and hang in there!

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Healing after breast augmentation varies among patients.

Thanks for your question.  Everyone heals at a different rate.  Even between your left and right breast, healing may vary.  Some patients with tight chest wall muscle and skin may take longer for the implants to settle down and for the tightness to get better.  Nipple sensitivity will last couple weeks to months depending on patients.  What you are describing is pretty normal.  It will take 3-6months for you to feel that implants are part of your body.  Please visit with your plastic surgeon so that he or she can monitor your recovery.

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Healing Time for Swelling, Tightness, and Sensitivity After Surgery?

Every patient experiences a different  recovery period;  this variety makes generalizing difficult. The majority of patients will notice a significant decrease in swelling within the first 4-6 weeks post operatively. Hypersensitivity however may persist for several months. Best wishes; hopefully, you will be pleased with the long-term outcome of the procedure performed.

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Really depends on your size and implant size...

If you are a 5'0" gal with ultrahigh profile implants...you may be looking at a bit of a wait. Getting the muscles to relax is challenging. You might consider heat (moist washcloth in microwave for 30 seconds) on your chest and ibuprofen but the really factor thats going to make the difference is time. Good luck.

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Nipple Sensitivity After Breast Augmentation

Nipple sensitivity is more common after breast augmentation than loss of sensation. It may last 3 - 6 mths postoperatively but usually resolves with time alone. Tightness is the result of swelling and the new implant expanding the skin and muscle. It takes about one month for 50% of the swelling to resolve and three months for 75% of the swelling to resolve. The final result is seen in about one year. Consult your surgeon for advice and guidance. 

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How long does swelling last after breast augmentation?

If the implant was placed behind the muscle swelling and tightness can last for several weeks because of the size of the implant in combination with an irritated and swollen muscle.  If the implant is behind the breast then it resolves in a couple of weeks.

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