When Can I Excercise After a Chemical Peel?

2 days i got a glycolic peel 30 % so is it okay to exercise or do i have to wait a week?

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Excercise After a Chemical Peel

While glycolic peels will not hinder a person from working out, sun avoidance is still important. Each physician has slightly different guidelines so consult your physician on his/her preferences.

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Exercise after a chemical peel

30% glycolic acid is a light, superficial chemical peel that may penetrate to the bottom layer of the epidermis. In my office. there are no restrictions after the peel other than sun avoidance and using a good sunblock. Glycolic acid peels are best suited for mild to moderate textural imperfections, fine lines, pigmentation irregularities, and acne lesions. They are designed to be repeated weekly or every other week because of their quick re-epithelialization times. There is little discomfort, minimal down-time, and gives reasonable results.

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Glycolic acid peels

Glycolic acid peels are superficial peels that are used to brighten skin tone, improve pigment irregularities, and treat acne.  Usually, a series of peels a few weeks apart is performed.  Sunscreen and gentle skin care are important after peels.

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