Pores/Acne Scars Seems to Be Getting Worse with Retinol Use, Does it Get Worse Before it Gets Better?

I received 2 35% glycolic peels in September and noticed 2 months ago my pore size and acne scars got worse! The aesthetician wanted to do a series but I refused because I ended up breaking out in acne pretty bad. It's been a few months already and i just feel like my skin is getting worse.(acne scars,icepick and pore size) I started using skinceuticals retinol for about a month the 0.5 version..and now 1.0 version, Not much peeling but i'm paranoid that it will make my skin worse? Give it time?

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Acne worsening with Retinol

I recommend you see a board certified dermatologist for a good skin evaluation and proper treatment of your acne before the scarring worsens. Prescription strength tretinoin cream would be much more effective for both your acne and pore size than Retinol, especially the SkinCeuticals brand.

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