I have mild melasma. Would a chemical vitalize peel improve my complexion? Does this peel really work?

I have heard that chemical peel is not recommended for melasma tx.bc it can worsen the dark spots.

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Melasma and Chemical Peels

Peels, lasers, lights and skin care can all help melasma, but sometimes can make it worse.  Melasma has no cure, only improvements through combination treatments. I suggest seeing a cosmetic dermatologist with experience. Best, Dr. Emer.

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Melasma and peels

The vitalize peel has be reported to improve melasma.  However, like all treatments for melasma, it is not a one time treatment or a permanent solution.  Melasma is multifactorial - ultraviolet light, heat, inflammation, and estrogen all play a role.  That also means it is very likely to recur whatever the treatment.  So before you commit to a series of peels, be sure you are also committed to vigilant sun protection all year round with physical sunscreen ingredients and sun avoidance plus a protective hat with a wide brim when you know you will be exposed.  Other helpful additions are oral antioxidants like that found in Heliocare which has been shown to reduce the inflammatory and oxidative effects of UVA and regular use of a retinoid and anti-pigment ingredients (vinoferine, vit C, arbutin, soy, licorice among others) and as needed use of a prescription hydroquinone.
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Melasma and Chemical Peels

Patients with melasma usually respond well to superficial chemical peels and bleaching creams. I prefer triple bleaching  creams or equivalent. Proper application of sunscreens  and hats are essential

Fredric Haberman, DO
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Melasma and Chemical Peels

Melasma can be effectively treated through chemical peels and topical bleaching creams. Cosmelan peels also work extremely well. Maintenance is important with chemical peels as well as strict sun avoidance. Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
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