Can Invisalign fix flared out teeth?

My front teeth flare out a bit. I have one implant where my top right incisor should be. I previously had braces and my orthodontist wanted to take out 3 of my premolars (since I had a missing tooth where my implant is) to fix this problem, but I didn't want to have any of my teeth extracted. Can my flared out teeth still be fixed with invisalign? I'd prefer not to go through having traditional braces again.

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Hello there,
Invisalign can be a great option to correct flared teeth.  That said, neither Invisalign nor traditional braces will move your dental implant. I would recommend seeing an experienced licensed Invisalign provider for a consultation to determine your options. A good way to determine if you have chosen a dentist who can deliver excellent results is by viewing before and after photos of their actual patients. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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Flare out teeth

Flared out teeth can be moved with invisalign but we need x-rays. Implants can Not be moved with invisalign or Braces, so you can not touch that.

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Invisalign for flared teeth

Invisalign is often a good option for flared teeth, but like Dr. Jopling commented, your case sounds complicated. An implant in the front cannot be moved, although the crown portion can be redone. Because of that, you aren't a straightforward case. I would recommend a consultation with a dentist doing a lot of cosmetic and more complex cases, and they can direct you appropriately. Best of luck!

Please submit photos and x rays

Your case sounds very complicated. Please send photographs and x-rays so that it can be evaluated. Implants which are already placed could create a lot of difficulty in your situation.

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