Midline misalignment!!!!!!! Can my situation be corrected by Invisalign? (photo)

My Upper midline is shifted to the right and does not align with my lower midline and the centre of my face. What can i do? Can invisalign help my situation and how long will it take? Are there any other options to correct my midline misalignment? Thank you so much!!!

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Shifted midline

Your upper midline is noticeable that is shifted to the right specially with the gap between your front teeth. Invisalign can close the gap between your teeth and center your midline with your face. It needs to be checked clinically for the exact time , it will take approximately one year to correct it.

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Yes, Invisalign can be used for this.

Hello,  I do see that your midline is shifted to the right. By closing that space that is present, it will be less noticeable that it is off. Invisalign can be used to move your upper midline to the left and center it with your face (for example centered with your nose). This is the most important midline to have correct. It is not so important to have your upper and your lower midlines lined up because no one walks around with their teeth together smiling, and this would never be noticed. If your upper front teeth are not aligned with the center of your nose, this is something that people might notice. So to answer your question, yes, Invisalign can be used and your upper midline can be moved back in a leftward direction to be centered with your face. It may turn out that your upper and lower teeth are lined up at the end of treatment; but it may not be, and that is not as important as the upper midline being centered with your nose and face. 
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