Can I do invisalign if I have a crown or implant? (Photos)

Hi i would like to do invasalign for My upper jaw , but i have a Crown on that, and The dentist told me i should get an implant on that tooth. Just wondering can i do invasalign if i have an implant ? I would like to do invasalign on My lower jaw too. They are not very align. How many months would IT take to adjust my teeth alignment. :)

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Invisalign can move crowns

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Yes, Invisalign can move crowns. However no orthodontic movement can be achieved on implant teeth. Its important to position the teeth first in their proper space, then to proceed with any implants that may be needed.All the best,

Los Angeles Dentist
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They need to be done in proper order.

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Patients should always do Invisalign on both the upper and the lower arch in order for everything to align properly. Each arch is affected by the positioning of the other arch. If there is any crowding or misalignment in the lower Arch it would cause the upper arch to also become misaligned even if it has been straightened. Implants will not move orthodontically, therefore, the implant should not be placed until after orthodontic treatment has been performed to position the teeth in their final place. At that point you could have an implant surgically placed and then have an abutment and crown placed on top of the implant. You should absolutely not do an implant before any kind of orthodontic treatment as your teeth will move, but the implant will remain in the exact spot it was placed which could lead to restorative and esthetic complications.

Douglas Jopling,  DDS
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Can do invisalign with crown

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You can still do Invisalign if you have a crown. However, if you have an implant, that tooth cannot be moved at all.  You would only be able to move the other teeth around the implant.  I would recommend waiting to have any implants placed until after Invisalign/orthodontic treatment is complete.  Your case looks like it would take between 1-1.5 years to correct.

Arianna Papasikos, DMD, MBA
Montclair Orthodontist

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