Botched job, crooked and very yellow 20 Zirconium Crowns. Is there anything I can do, short of getting new crowns?

My specific question....Can the Zirconium crowns be filed down and have composite veneer added over to just change the shape and color a bit? I am emotionally and physically drained from the hellish experience I've endured, and am just not ready to go through the process of getting new crowns all over again. Please, I just need something to tie me over for another year, until I can go through the process of getting different type of crowns. Advice please?

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Zirconia crowns Too Yellow

Zirconia is a very strong material and for this reason, it can be a bit opaque and not as lifelike.  The only way to  make you happy is to remove the crowns and have them redone.  I know it is a traumatic experience to think about removal, but the trauma and disappointment of waiting might be much greater.

Go back and discuss your feelings and see if you feel they can give you a great solution.

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Modification to Zirconium Crowns is difficult


First of all, I am very sorry that you having to go through such an emotionally draining experience.  Often I visit with patients who have had similar experiences.  Unfortunately zirconium crowns are difficult to modify.  This type of material is incredibly tough and wear resistant and is a magnificent choice for back teeth, but because of its lack of translucency, is not the first choice by cosmetic dentists for front teeth at this point in time.  From a functional standpoint you are probably in great shape, but I can understand why you would be unhappy with the esthetic outcome.  Adding bonding or any other type of procedure to change them would be less than predictable and expensive. 

On the brighter side, if you are waiting a year to do the entire case over for financial reasons, you may want to consider moving forward sooner, but not having all the teeth redone.  It may be possible to replace some of the crowns in the front and fix the issues you are most unhappy with. Foregoing the posterior teeth until a later date or even indefinitely.  My advice to you is to find a "cosmetic" dentist.  This would be a dentist that not only says they do cosmetic dentistry, but one with significant experience and training in the area of cosmetics.  You will need to ask them a series of questions in order to identify if they are qualified to take your current smile and design something that looks more attractive.  It is not always easy to find a dentist who can do this but I would be happy to send you a free guide/report I have written that might be of help.  Finding the right dentist is the first step. 

Smile design involves many steps and is much more complicated than just putting crowns on teeth.  You should have the opportunity to see what your smile will look like before you ever commit to having the work done.  I would also suggest that you do not have Z-crowns placed.  Ask your dentist about other options like Emax or other pressed ceramics. 

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Need to change those crowns

if you do not like the shape, and color , you will definately need to change them, there si no way to grind them and just place bonding on top, the only solution is to have this crowns changed, the thing you need to consider, is the high lip line, i think you can get a much better result, if you plan also working with the gum, a good smile analysis, can be done, and with sedation, all those crowns removed, re shaped, and within a couple of days, a great solution.go for amore white, and sparkling smile, the smile you always wanted, yes! it can be done.

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